Tennessee Woman Abandons 200 Pounds of Marijuana in Car

Sometimes, your entire day gets a little bit stale.

This was the case of one Tennessee woman who found herself to be a victim of the high cost of gas.

It began when Catherine Mardesich traveled southbound for the weekend in her Suburban.

The vehicle ran out of gas — on the I55 bridge.

The car stopped working over the Mississippi River around 3:30 p.m. The car was unable to move, and Catherine had to take a walk that afternoon.

Then, we hear of an abandoned car, located near the point at which Memphis and Arkansas join.

Due to the situation and the location, Memphis Police officers and Arkansas State Police members arrived on the scene.

Arkansas law enforcement officers and enforcement from the Arkansas and Tennessee Department of Transportation moved the vehicle to a nearby establishment. A police report was filed.

As per Fox13, Catherine, who was 54 years old, returned to the place she left her vehicle:

When she was informed that the Suburban was involved in a collision at the bridge and was scheduled to be inspected and towed, Mardesich told officers that they were not allowed to enter the vehicle…

Despite her reluctance, the police were able to approach the car. When they approached the car, a strong smell of skunk hung in the air. The group spotted several large boxes inside the Chevrolet.

When they searched the duffle bag, authorities discovered that the truck was filled with the devil's lettuce.

Cops weighed 229 pounds marijuana.

Also found: a huge amount of cash.

Because Catherine had abandoned her car at the Memphis side of the bridge and was arrested, she was booked into the Shelby County Jail East.

The story is an example for anyone who is carrying an entire field of weed and runs out of gas to perhaps ask a friend to help you and remain in the car. Whatever you do, don't put it in a lane that is usable, which was just one of the woman's potential pot-invoked mistakes.

In terms of concealment, Catherine's packing of Peruvian parsley was not a best Effort cover-up. In reality, only smaller quantities can be concealed.

Catherine was accused of possessing a felony amount of marijuana. 

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