Young Adult Communists Praise Freedom and Claim Colleges are Suppressing the Left

If you've missed the big news, there's an opportunity to rejoice: The Communist Party is back at the University of Florida.

Last month, the group shared on Instagram the “Letter on the Return of the UF Communist Party.”

The revolutionaries are sporting a new identity and social media profile and have come back “renewed”:

With great joy I…announce the resumption of our struggle for justice and freedom for those who are left-wing and the future of communalism and leftism which will bring about an era of peace and love. By advancing the end of oppressive states as well as the struggle for liberty of being, we will not be shut out.

It's an intriguing collection of thoughts, considering the fact that communism revokes freedoms more than giving them, and that it is not mathematically or functionally able to (and has not) led to “prosperity.”

The basis of communism, it could be said, is to prevent prosperity. It makes those who could otherwise be successful be pushed towards failure in the same way that it pushes those who fail towards success. However, since human nature reacts to incentives and the motivation for success is eliminated under communism, those who could be successful fall far more quickly than those who do not.

In the next section, the communists of UF have made a significant claim that the Left has been oppressed for a long time on the campus.

Leftism was a force to be resisted for too long on campuses.

The communists would rather be independent individuals:

As free people, we are entitled to promote and practice our own ideology. Particularly so when our philosophy is so contemporary and crucial to the release of all oppressed groups in the current Capitalist model of production.

Do those who are UF Communist Party leaders know the meaning of capitalism? Do they know that it's the system that's built on a market economy in which a person can start an enterprise of their own? Do they understand that communism is something completely different?

The letter of the organization doesn't suggest an absolute “yes.”

From what I've seen, I think they should not lose sleep over leftism being smothered by secondary education:

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Yet at the University of Florida, the group has faced some challenges.

From Campus Reform:

The Communist Party at UF ran for student government in the autumn of 2021. The party had been a part of elections under the name “Socialist Party” prior to the election, but changed its name to “the “Communist Party” in March 2021. It is unclear what the name will be in the future. In the Fall 2021 election, the most popular percentage votes a Communist Party candidate collected was 5.49 percent, as per university results that were released on Sept. 29. What was the result of the spring 2022 elections? The highest percentage a Communist candidate got was 5.74 percent, as per the results of the university released in February.

The campaign to rebrand began shortly following the spring results being revealed.

The previous platform for the party was getting rid of restrooms with genders.

This is why we struggle for prosperity and freedom.

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