CNN Guest Gives Away The Game on Controlling Free Speech

Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter has driven everyone crazy. This includes a large portion of media personalities in the mainstream media. The initial reactions to the purchase were as tense as one would think as cable news set their hair on fire.

If anyone believes that the passage of time will cause some to moderate their views, I can tell that it hasn't occurred. CNN put on a hilariously composed roundtable on Sunday, featuring individuals such as Brian Stelter, April Ryan, and a man known as David Zurawik. As a political watcher I'll admit that I had no idea who David Zurawik was. My first exposure to him definitely created a impression that he is probably demented.

When discussing Musk's deal, Zurawik went into a hilarious rant about the alleged dangers of free speech that is not censored. In the process, he was able to give the game away about what in the deal actually drives the media to go insane.

The whole thing is absolutely hilarious, but here's the money quote.

“There's an even bigger issue regarding how we can control the channels of communication in our country.”

That's what this debate is all about. All the extreme-left Democrats in the room aren't worried about harassment on the internet. They don't even care about the truth and they don't lose sleep over what they believe to be “hate speech” on social media. But what it's actually concerned with is dismantling the dominant myths.

CNN and similar media have the deck set to their advantage. They've got special carve-outs which allow them to go after almost anything they want, without hesitation. The algorithms bend according to their own will, they control “fact-checkers”, and they are able to decide what is popular and what isn't. While real stories on Hunter Biden get censored, their falsehoods are featured on the top list of trending stories.

Musk is pledging to remove all of that. And, even more importantly, Musk has promised to peel back the veil and reveal what's been going on for a long time. The billionaire has said an open-source algorithm is on the way and is also giving transparency a top priority in his decisions. The left is adamant against the idea. They don't want to live according to the same rules as everybody else, and with the knowledge that they could be forced to, they're throwing their opinions in more oppressive ways. Keep in mind that we're discussing only one platform here. This is how they're spoiled due to the bias that typically performs their bidding. Imagine what they'd do if the playing field was evened out?

I'm sorry to have to tell this story to Zurawik and his gang, however, they are the villains in this situation. They're the ones who lose their heads over the possibility that government officials, in collusion with large corporations, may not have the same control over how information flows. It's depressing to watch people get so enraged over Musk, who is actually just a moderate. We knew that these people were deserving of ridicule; however, they're now simply acting like children.

But this isn't an issue for children. This is serious and rebuking of an industry of news that is so desperate to suppress fundamental free speech that this is now the headline topic. 

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