MSNBC Hacker Who Got to ‘Fight’ Ukraine is Totally Off Base

In April, MSNBC's intelligence “analyst” extraordinaire, Malcolm Nance, took his LARPing to a new level by deciding to “fight” in Ukraine. It is possible to remember Nance as a fiercely anti-Trump character throughout that administration. In May 2021, Nance declared former President Trump as a “terrorist and paramilitary insurgency.”

However, as is the case for the majority of what Nance states, he has missed his mark by miles, and the idea has never materialized. Why? because Nance is one of the most infamous posers in the media, continually rearranging his resume to make it appear like he's an ex-super-spy who had vast experience in the field of military warfare. This is far from the truth. 

Regarding his trip in Ukraine, Nance made an appearance on Joy Reid's hilarious show, during which the actor portrayed himself as an operator who was ready to take on the fight against the Russians. Nance also used social media to spread similar messages.

What has Nance been doing? Is he dumping on the soldiers of Putin's on the frontlines as the narrative  he's attempted to present claims? It appears that the man isn't fighting in any way. Instead, he's hiding inside “safe houses” and talking to the media, probably out of his own free will.

It's difficult to determine the amount of arrogance and stolen valor that are entangled in all this. There are real people who are dying in Ukraine while fighting the Russians. The situation in the country isn't a game. Nance almost certainly did not shoot his weapon while he was there. It appears that the most strenuous exercise that he's engaged in is PT every once in a while. Remember, this is a 60-something-year-old man.

Instead of merely acknowledging his position as a person who isn't on the frontlines, he is riffing off the false impressions and trying to appear as if the Ukrainians are well aware that the man is a “high-value asset.” What exactly is that? What particular expertise does Nance possess that gives him a high importance for the Ukrainian military? Is he able to assist them in strategies? Are they getting new information from him? There is no evidence that such a thing is happening. It appears that the man is in a city without fighting on the ground, performing media hits.

Let me tell you the truth. It would have been perfect for all involved if Nance had walked over there in body armor and a helmet and acted like a journalist. There is still a risk involved and any person who is willing to take the risk deserves respect. I would have said “good for you, Nance,” in the event that this was the way he went. But he didn't; instead he chose to go to insane levels, while pretending to be someone that he's not. This should draw a smirk and not praise.

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