Two are injured as Antifa Threatens GOP Campaign Rally in Portland

The 1st of May may be May Day, but it is also the day of the year in which Antifa, along with other extremist leftists, often unleash violence.

On Sunday, in Portland, Antifa directed their hatred at GOP members who gathered at an event to support the Republican governor campaigner Stan Pulliam, who supports funding the police. That's not a good idea for Antifa who attacked the event by throwing smoke bombs, paint-filled balloons, and firecrackers at seniors and families with young children without a thought of whom they may harm.

Two victims were injured by “mortars,” according to the police.

Despite being close to the police station, the police did not show up until after the Antifa group had gone.

Pulliam was in stark contrast with the times when Portland was home to 30 police officers for 100,000 inhabitants in the 1970s. This is a far cry from the current ratio of eight officers per 100,000.

“And then we wonder why we have all the violence and destruction happening on our streets,” He added.

Another difference is that, in contrast to the 1970s, it appears that the Democrats are unleashing Antifa through their inability to take action and bring the group down. In a statement, the Portland Police Bureau said that even though they had been watching their situation “there were only a few officers available.”

Thanks, Democrats. They've led us to the point where Antifa members believe that they are able to attack the young and elderly without fear of reprisal. 

This was what transpired in the 1930s in Germany, when Brownshirt fascists attempted to take out gatherings from other parties. Antifa isn't antifascist. They're being total fascists.

The previous day, Antifa had been throwing projectiles from an overhead bridge in the Portland area, which was located over the People's Convoy that was passing under.

Source: Fox News:

“At 6:54 p.m., North Precinct and East Precinct officers responded to reports of a group throwing objects from the Northeast Glisan Street overpass over Interstate 205 and that a shot was fired.” Portland Police said in an announcement.

“Portland Police were monitoring a protest ‘convoy' that was driving through Portland and counter-demonstrators confronting them. Officers determined that the shot fired call was likely related.”

Video footage from the incident shows about five people on the Glisan Street overpass. From a high angle they appear to be throwing objects and making rude gestures towards vehicles.

Unfortunately, this will continue to go on until you take all the Democrats out of office and appropriately examine and lock them in prison.

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