Amy Schumer Looks Like She Doesn’t Care at Met Gala

This evening (May 2nd), the Met Gala is taking place in New York City. The Met Gala is an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts' Costume Institute, this explains the reason why 99.44 percent of the outfits worn by guests attending the event must be costumes since no rational person would dress like this in the real-world. We all have vivid memories of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's “Tax The Rich” dress at last year's gala that provided an entire week of laughter and parody opportunities.

The reporting of such events requires the use of a lot of words that all prove that the famous Andrew Breitbart was right: it's a matter of culture versus politics and us on the right should have a basic understanding of the current events in the world to better prepare to interact with those who aren't yet red-pilled. Let's face it: there are numerous possibilities for laughter as you look at the ideas these people have come up with. However, one participant might have created an all-time high at the event. Or perhaps it's a low?

Without further delay Amy Schumer. Yes, Amy Schumer.

Where should I begin?  Let's start with the dress.

In reality, we should begin at the end of the dress. There's not one. Instead we have a beautifully defined “coat dress.” The coat dress is the type of garment women who wear nothing at all put on. It takes the hassle out of checking her jacket, and also disguises the fact that she's not wearing anything else other than perhaps underwear.

Then, the sunglasses. They are the ideal accessory. Dark enough to conceal the upcoming hangover, or the one that is still lingering after drinking a glass of secret sauce in the evening while you wait for the party. However, there's no excuse here. You knew it was risky when you put it on, Amy.

The only thing that's missing from the ensemble is the cigarette hanging from Amy Schumer's lips and an embroidered button on her dress that reads “SORRY I'M LATE I DIDN'T WANT TO COME.” The theme for tonight's soiree was “gilded glamour.” It seems that Schumer misread the phrase as “wilted candor.”

The woman clearly does not want to be there. But here she is, with a most clever twist. Schumer has managed to draw the maximum attention to her by presenting herself in an “I don't want to be appearing here” style. As others cry for attention with outfits that are astonishing and wild, she chose an opposite approach.

 Instead of mocking her cartoon character's liberal viewpoints and constant laughter-free comedy, let us be grateful to Amy for paving a different way. You can, too, be different from the rest by following her example. It's obvious that she’d rather be cleaning her cat's litter box than be anywhere else! 

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