Ohio and Indiana Primaries Favor DeWine and Vance

Primary days in Ohio and Indiana had people heading to the polls to vote for their preferred candidates for both the U.S. House and Senate and, in Ohio, the governor’s seat.

Ohio’s incumbent Governor Mike DeWine was challenged by former Congressman Jim Renacci, former State Rep. Ron Hood, and Joe Blystone, a farmer and businessman. On the Democrats’ side, ex-Cincinnati City Mayor John Cranley and former Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley were vying for the nomination. DeWine is projected to win the GOP primary.

The focus was also on the GOP Senate primaries, in which former President Donald Trump endorsed J.D. Vance to succeed Rob Portman, who is retiring. Vance was being challenged by the former Secretary of State Josh Mandel, State Senator Matt Dolan, and several other Republicans. Democratic candidates include Representative Tim Ryan, Traci Johnson (a tech executive), and lawyer Morgan Harper. But projections have given Vance the win.

In Indiana, there's less tension, since the incumbent Republican Senate member, Todd Young, is running unopposed. The case of Democrat Thomas McDermott, Jr. is similar. 

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