Leaky Adam Schiff’s Credibility Drops Even Further After His Tweet About the SCOTUS Leak

It was common knowledge in Washington, D.C. throughout the four-year tenure of former President Donald Trump that if there was a leak that, on the surface, appeared to have the potential to undermine the Republican agenda or Trump's presidency, there was a good chance that it had originated via House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff's office.

Schiff's propensity to leak like a sieve when it worked for his purpose was one of the main issues Trump had with him, and with good reason. Trump was known to use the Twitter platform often to express his displeasure about the way Schiff used his power post as a member of the Intel Committee to learn classified or other sensitive information and then publish a snippet of information that was not in context to the press or cut out “evidence” from the whole cloth that the media would later run with: false “Walls are closing in,” “Is it time for impeachment?” stories typical of the loyal lapdogs they are.

It is a brief remark from “Shifty Adam Schiff” that is the most recent call to action in the aftermath of the shocking leak of the SCOTUS majority draft opinion of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in which he stated, “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.”

Since the Democrats have stated they're prepared to pull all the stops, including trying (again) to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate (which will not occur) and to “codify” Roe v. Wade into law (also isn't likely to take place) as well as the possibility of impeaching moderate Supreme Court Justices by falsely accusing them of “lying,” Schiff had an idea of his own (and one that's been floated by Democrats over the past few several years) to add to the mix. We should not just make a formal codification of Roe v. Wade, he asserted, we must also “expand the court.” Is there anything that is particularly interesting in his tweet?

“I don't care how the draft leaked. That's a sideshow,” he wrote, despite the fact that the leak of the draft majority opinion is the larger story and a serious violation of SCOTUS conventions that everybody regardless of political affiliation should condemn. However, they weren’t. Schiff is aware of the “benefits” of leaking to the media, despite making big claims about “respecting” American institutions. Former Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Ric Grenell (under Trump) shared his opinion of Schiff, while Cliff Sims, whose Twitter biography lists him as “former Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Strategy/Comms” and whom Grenell has praised at times, also said that Schiff was a “fool.” That sums it up.

In addition to being famous as a leaker, Schiff has also earned the reputation for opening his mouth and putting his foot in it in the process, as he did last week when declaring his “concerns” about presumptive future Twitter owner Elon Musk and resulting “disinformation” on social media, which is a ridiculous claim given that Schiff's leaks are usually just deliberate disinformation.

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