Olivia is the Most Popular Girl Name, Liam the Most Popular for Boys

The first thing to do is say HAPPY Mother's Day! The majority of people today are a direct result of their mother, so thank moms!

We can only hope that they don't make it “Happy Birthing People's Day,” however we'll keep the celebration light and won't go into it at this point.

Instead, let's get straight to the facts: according to the Social Security Administration, Olivia, Emma, and Charlotte were the top three names selected for the newborn girls of 2021. In contrast, Liam, Noah, and Oliver were at the top of the boys' lists.

The list is missing these names for females: Alexandria, Nancy, Ilhan, Kamala, and Jill. Surprising.

Not in the top ten of the boys' roster: Joe, Chuck, Gavin and Shifty Schiff. I'm not sure what the mothers are thinking.

The biggest surprise in the results was that it appears that “Theodore” has made a comeback, climbing to 10 on the male part of the. What could be the reason for such an outdated name to be experiencing an appearance? I was thinking Teddy was canceled because he loved riding horses and shooting firearms and in general, being a badass. But, according to the website, myfirstnamerocks

When people are introduced to the name Theodore, they see that you are an inspiration, idea generator, engaging, charismatic, and talkative. You are able to attract the attention of people.

Maybe people like my mustache.

There's big money in choosing baby names. You could also become a baby name influencer and earn up to $10,000 per year choosing monikers. It's a great job.

In the near future, we could see names for infants change. As per the study:

Other boys names that are getting more popular include Asher, Miles, Luca, and Brooks. Gianna, Nova, Isla, Natalia, and Camila are rapidly gaining popularity among girls.

In a sad way, I'm unable to not help but notice how the word “Bob” appears nowhere on these lists. Even though we've never seen any presidents who were named Bob, it's hard to not to think about the beauty of a name like this: it appears to be a tongue-in-cheek word, but, effortlessly, everyone knows that there's a Bob somewhere and can be written backwards and forwards. C'mon, man!

The truth is that we wouldn’t have names no matter if they're Theodore or Bob or Emma or Olivia were it not for our mothers. We wouldn't even exist without them. Continue to come up with new names for us moms and a very happy Mother's Day!

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