Christian University Offers Quran To Praying Students

The students at California Lutheran University maintain an open mind.

Samuelson Chapel features a prayer room dubbed “the Mediation Room.”

According to a photograph taken by Campus Reform, the area has a wealth of resources that can help students discover their own notion of God.

The items include a Buddha statue as well as: the Hindu publication The Upanishads, and Islam's Quran.

A chart has been reportedly promoted “The Golden Rule.”

The poster shows Earth with a variety of religions, reflected in Rays:






Baha'i Faith





Traditional Spirituality



Each of the listed belief systems includes the rules in its own version. For example, Islam asserts, “Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.”

The qualifications of only a few can be questioned:

Sikhism: I am not a stranger to anyone; and nobody is a stranger to me. In fact my friendship extends for all.

Native spirituality: We're as alive as the earth we keep alive.

Unitarianism: We affirm and encourage respect for the interconnected web of beings, of which ours is a component.

Online, Cal Lutheran's Campus Ministry provides a page that links with “Local Houses of Worship.”

In Part:

The Lac Mission-Ventura Buddhism Study Center

Bahai Faith

Hindu Temple Society

Temple Etz Chaim

Islamic Center of Conejo Valley

More from the Campus Reform:

While at a Lutheran University, students are advised to look for other religious establishments that permit them to feel comfortable.

The University promotes the development of an “Interfaith Dialogue” that promotes “a safe place to ask questions, talk together, and learn from the spiritual journeys of others.”

The description says that interfaith dialogue is a way to help pupils “delv[e] deeper into [their] own faith traditions.”

In spite of the traditional belief of “[S]traight is the gate, and narrow is the way,” religion has been casting a wider net.

Simple examples:

“United Methodist Church Holds Drag Show to Protest Same-Sex Wedding Ban”

“Southern Baptist Seminary President Lambastes United Methodist Church Over Drag Queen Church Leader”

“Church Hosts “Pride” Drag Show”

Of course, religious institutions should be welcoming to everyone. On the Cal Lutheran website beneath “The Lutheran Education Experience,” the school says, “All are welcome. There is no one here who has a right to be someone who is not.”

It is one of the most beloved values within Lutheran tradition. Its significance is obvious on our campus. Our students hail from over 60 countries and represent the diversity of religions.

In the case of Christianity and where is it heading? In America, at the moment, the answer isn't likely to be “legalism.”

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