Biden’s New Press Secretary Wears a Tin-Foil Hat

Do you remember when debating the legitimacy of an election wasn't just disqualifying, but it also got you exiled from Jake Tapper's low-rated CNN show? I'm curious if the same law will apply to Karine Jean-Pierre, who will become Joe Biden's press secretary on the 13th of May. I'm sure we know the answer.

Evidently, Jean-Pierre has an interesting history on social media. Now some of her past tweets depict an opposite picture from the one she's attempted to present since her arrival to the White House. Not the calm straight shooter she would like people to believe that she is, Jean-Pierre seems to be a liar and a conspiracy theorist.

I'm shaking when I write this due to Jean-Pierre's illogical criticism of the validity of our electoral system. All things considered, I've been assured our system is “most secure in history” and that any fraud cannot influence the results of any races. The mere suggestion of such is to be disregarded from the sphere of society. But, we're presented with Biden's latest mouthpiece suggesting it was snatched by a…drone?

I'm not even sure of what she's talking about, but it's clear Jean-Pierre had a premium place on the Hillary train and believed in the notion that Russia “hacked” the election to help \Donald Trump get elected. It's not a problem that this was just nonsense. Remember, if you doubt Joe Biden's legitimacy in any way, you're seeking to destroy the foundations of our “democracy.” This is the reason for all the controversy over the “Big Lie,” right?

In light of all that, it's not surprising to learn that Jean-Pierre accepts the notion that Stacey Abrams, who lost her race in Georgia by more than 50k votes, had her victory taken away from her by dark forces. To be precise, there's no evidence which suggests that. According to the data, it is clear that in no way was the election stifled in 2018. However, once again we are witnessing the double standard, where Democrats can claim that they have a right to do something, and when the Republican declares something similar, the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.

Jen Psaki is out, which is certainly a positive change given how dishonest and arrogant she was. Don't believe for a moment that Jean-Pierre will not be as dishonest. As opposed to the glowing portrayals she's a fierce left-wing politician who isn't going to take any action to eliminate the stench of corruption that plagues this Biden White House. The only distinction is that Jean-Pierre will likely receive an even more relaxed approach to briefings since she ticks numerous inter-sectional boxes. I'd like to start making bets on which journalist will be the first to be the first to accuse Peter Doocy of racism.

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