Target Launches Trans Underwear and Chest Binders for Youth

For a long time, all over all of the globe, female clothing was used to tighten and lift in extremely restrictive ways. In the end we (mostly) got beyond the notion.

However, we're now returning. While underwear has traditionally been sold on the basis of claims of ease of wearing, the Western gender-based revolution is bringing back the throbbing of the past — and it's not just for women who have babies.

Just in time for Pride Month (June), Target will be selling bra-covering harnesses, as well as yet another “b” word I probably should not spell out.

Scrotums and sweater pups? You're being kenneled.

Mammaries and penises? Soon you'll be memories.

According to Bustle, the tenth-largest retailer is launching products from “two queer-owned, female-founded brands” that are designed to bind breasts and protruded pelvic sacroiliac joints:

The TomboyX collab includes undergarments such as compression tops, which are an easy alternative to chest binders, in addition to packing bras, underwear, and boyshorts that are size S-4X. Humankind's line, on the contrary, features a range of designs of swimsuits, including tops, swim trunks, and unisuits. Because gender-affirming swimsuits and binders are extremely difficult to locate (particularly in large sizes), the availability of this line makes purchasing everyday clothing more convenient.

As a result of the pro-LGBT business culture all over the world, America will soon be taken down by a flood of support. 

The month of June is just a few weeks away and that means that companies' windows across the nation will soon be splattered with vibrant colors during Pride month. But, as we've learned, the importance of creating quality Pride merchandise isn't just about putting a rainbow flag on an inexpensive T-shirt and then calling it an event. Queer talent has to be employed in the background (not just in the promotional material) and funds should be given towards LGBTQ+ charities, and companies who promote acceptance and inclusion must incorporate this in their culture throughout the year.

Target's latest collaborations have hit the mark. The store, which is known for their fast-selling fashion collabs, has announced two new collaborations in advance of Pride month. They have launched accessible gender-neutral products for everyone and all bodies.

Bustle Interviews Mila Myles “a Black, queer nonbinary writer and stand-up comedian who modeled in the TomboyX collaboration photos with partner Yasmin Almo.”

It turns out that the fashion photoshoot was all about emotions:

“It was the first time that I was welcomed and empowered to make other people feel empowered,” Mila stated. On the set “no one was a prop. We were all [there for] an opportunity to feel seen and for someone else to feel seen,” and in turn. Mila hopes that this collaboration could “redefine ‘commercial beauty,' by hiring different-looking ‘commercial models.'”

On Twitter, the Target merchandising plan has been praised.

Tweeter Mx. Kelsey Danger, Team Rocket:

“Holy [cow], Target is selling binders. You can buy binders in a [dadgum] store now. That's incredible. Like, every store does Pride merch, but that's actually making a difference for queer youth. I love it.”

The Twitter post Raviv the Night heralded, “[I]t is impactful that people will have access to binders in a physical, big-box store now. Teens can access them privately without worrying about mail interception. Should've happened ages ago.”

However, Raviv was sure to clearly state “F– rainbow capitalism.”

If Target wants to signal support during all non-heteronormative-related celebrations, it'll have to do more than sell bosom busters and crotch crushers for a month.

An extensive list of “LGBTQIA+ Holidays & Remembrances,” according to Seattle Pride:

January: National Mentoring Month

January 16th to 22nd: No name-calling Week

January 28th: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

February 20th-26th: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

March: Bisexual health awareness month

March 1st: Zero Discrimination Day

March 31st: International Transgender Day Of Visibility

April 6th: International Asexuality Day

April 8th: Day of Silence

April 24th: Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day

April 24th: Asexual Awareness Week

April 26th to 2nd of May: International Lesbian Visibility Week

May 5th: HIV Long-Term Awareness Day for Survivors

May 17th: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

May 19th: Agender Pride Day

May 22nd: Harvey Milk Day

June: Pride Month!

June 6th: Omnisexual Visibility Day

June 27th: Intersex Awareness Day

July 14th: Non-Binary Awareness Day

July 14th: Gay Uncle Day

July 16th: International Drag Day

July 21st: Spirit Day

September 28th: Stonewall Riots Anniversary

December 12th: Pulse Remembrance Day

September 8th: Intersex Day of Solidarity

September 16th to 23rd: Bisexual Awareness Week

October: LGBT History Month (USA and Canada)

October 19th: International Pronoun Day

November: Trans Awareness Month

November 6th: Transgender Parent Day

November 11th: National Coming Out Day

November 13th-19th: Trans Awareness Week

November 20th: Transgender Day Of Remembrance

December 1st: World AIDS Day

December 8th: Pansexual Pride Day

December 10th: Human Rights Day

To be certain, Target's offering much more than the products of TomboyX as well as Humankind:

Alongside these two exclusive lines exclusively available at Target, the big-box retailer has also launched their annual Pride collection featuring products created by artists like Jermel “Blu” Moody, the founder of Black Boy Be, Olly Gibbs of Curlworks andThe Phluid Project. The entire Pride collection is now available at Target and will be followed by further TomboyX and Humankind items coming out in the month of May and into early June.

Society is evolving. And as the pendulum of society swings, they must be controlled. If the modern world casts a new illumination on Americans and their unmentionables, it's only natural that underwear will also follow.

In the largest nation in the world, the right to choose the kind of underwear you want should be considered constitutionally protected.

Many this June are looking to minimize their wealth, whether it's for identity reasons or for a more modest look and Target appears to be the best option.

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