Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) Contends That Inflation “Forces the ‘Need’ for Abortion”

After painting her colleagues as out of touch, Democratic Rep. Katie Porter of California recently claimed that inflation “forces the ‘need' for abortion.” The stunning Democrat indifference to issues that are of real interest to Americans and the party's total disregard for the worth of human life reached a new peak–or low, whichever way you want to look at it–on Wednesday. The incident occurred during a debate in which Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), after having recently criticized her colleagues for their inability to acknowledge the devastating impact of inflation on their constituents, said that inflation is a justification for abortion.

Porter was the target of the ridicule of her House colleagues after laying out her own personal experiences and how inflation is affecting the families whom Democrats claim to be supporting. This was in spite of Democrats choosing to focus one “session during the caucus's [February 2022] messaging summit specifically around ‘storytelling' and ‘creating an authentic connection with voters,' featuring oral historian and StoryCorps founder, David Isay” to more effectively connect with a voting base that is growing increasingly dissatisfied with an insular Washington. 

But, in typical Democrat style, the party has picked the wrong subject. Instead of engaging Americans about the issues that impact families every day, what is the topic Democrats believe they could use to advance their cause by employing storytelling? That's right. Abortion.

What makes Rep. Porter's remarks on abortion even more shocking are all the negative motives. She was able to pinpoint a matter that is of serious concern to every American. But, when asked to discuss this issue publicly, Porter reverted to the same justification for child murder that vinegar Democrats have been working on since the leak of the Supreme Court brief indicating a repeal of Roe v. Wade may be coming. Or someone at Democratic Party headquarters firmly warned her that she should not cross the party line. Or she lost enough time to see the truth.

One wonders what approach the Democrats will adopt in their pursuit of this fool's coat hanger the next time. “Hey, parents, sorry the store's out of Similac–you should have killed the kid when you had the chance”? It sounds absurd, but this is what they're saying, and in many different words.

The total lack of care and concern Democrats show towards the unborn is making it evident that they don't care one iota about the soaring gasoline prices, the accompanying rising inflation, and the food insecurity, and this ought to alarm Americans. We're constantly being misled. The Democrats and mainstream media (pardon the repetition) insist that 2+2=5, and if you don't agree, then you're a devilish and risky Ultra MAGA something or other. What is needed before an open rebellion becomes a certain possibility? It's way past pressing the fragile buttons of the fringe. It affects all of us. We need to stop this. The only thing Democrats should be allowed to do is tell anyone in the room what they experienced in the voting booth in November, mules or not.

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