The January 6 Commission Still Fishing for Some Evidence and a Viable Witness

As you've likely heard, the Democratic Party has been running quite a kangaroo-themed circus in Washington. Since late last year, a committee has engaged in “investigating” the events of January 6, 2021, during a protest on the Capitol grounds that escalated into an “attack” on the Capitol building itself. It's been claimed by people such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and California Representative Adam Schiff (D) that former President Donald Trump called for such events, even violence, to occur. They’ve also claimed that it was intended to be an act of rebellion or something worse.

But, to date, there has been no evidence to support these allegations. Some people did act in a reckless manner and caused harm, and there must be consequences. However, to say that this was a plot to eliminate the power elite or alter the status of the game? That's just not the case.

However, the January 6 Commission established by Pelosi to look into these issues continues to bring people to be questioned and charged. Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, is one such person. It's not a secret that the goal is to convince him to admit to or say something that could implicate him or Trump. However, Giuliani appears to be more intelligent than the average bear. So he's decided to withdraw his involvement in the circus unless certain conditions are fulfilled. In particular, he's requested to be allowed to record his “interview,” as they refer to it. In reality, this is the only thing he's asked for.

According to a report by Just The News, Giuliani was scheduled to appear before the House panel on Thursday. Giuliani had said he would make the appearance. But he pulled out at the last moment with a smart and risky move. This week, a spokesman for the committee, Tim Mulvey, said that the former mayor had “informed committee investigators that he wouldn't show up unless he was permitted to record the interview, which was never an agreed-upon condition.”

This is probably a good idea. Giuliani announced on his Twitter account on the weekend that he would be ready to “cooperate” with their games if he was allowed to “videotape” the exchange. In the end, the committee is recording everything.

Furthermore, it's not as if the group is well known for its sincerity. As Giuliani noted, they've, on numerous occasions, released “out-of-context” sections of the tapes of the “interviews,” undoubtedly to further embellish their biased story. Additionally, neither Giuliani nor anyone else at this point is even sure what the committee is conducting an investigation into. They claim it's all about the events of the 6th of January and determining the catalyst. But why do they keep harping on the whole Russia collusion hoax that has been thoroughly disproved already?

Giuliani asks, “Would you trust them to be fair?” The best answer for the majority of us is a clear “NO! “

In addition, why wouldn't they want to have these recordings recorded by an outside third party? If these closed-door events are genuinely trying to discover the details of what transpired that day, why would they not desire as much transparency as possible? Isn't this the same group that accused Trump’s administration of being secretive? They said the Trump Administration was far from transparent, and, consequently, they promised that the situation under their control would be different. It doesn't appear to be. The fact that they haven't agreed to record their activities is a sign that they're hiding even more.

Now, as a consequence, the team has lost a crucial witness. Of course, they're not going to let Giuliani escape into exile. According to Mulvey, “Mr. Giuliani is a crucial source of information in the conspiracy to take over the US government and is subject to subpoena.” If Giuliani, the ex-Trump lawyer, continues to “refuse to cooperate,” Mulvey says they will “consider every option for enforcement.” They’d probably like to see the man in cuffs before the judges at the circus. 

At present, the committee has to come up with their “proof” through another method.

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