Netflix Takes a Hard Line with Its Woke Staff to Preserve Its Bottom Line

When you go woke, you may also go broke. Netflix is pulling the ripcord before the streaming giant fully faceplants. Following a financial report showing that the price of its stock fell 37 percent at the end of March, Netflix will now change its culture to re-engage its angry viewers. The company has released a new “culture memo” to its employees dealing with “artistic expression.” evidently a smackdown of the staff who have been criticizing Netflix.

“If you'd find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you,” the memo reads, adding that employees might be required to take on projects they “perceive to be harmful,” and if they experience difficulties taking on these tasks, it would be possible for them to think about working elsewhere. “Entertaining people around the globe is an incredible opportunity, but it's also a challenge since viewers have different opinions and tastes. Therefore, we provide a broad selection of TV films and shows that are provocative,” the new directive reads, adding that “we believe in the artistic creativity of creators who we select to collaborate on” as well as “we let our viewers choose what they like best rather than having Netflix limit certain voice or artist.”

Much of this seems to focus on the controversy surrounding a comedy special from Dave Chappelle that Netflix put out. In it, he told some fairly mundane transgender jokes. Of course, Chappelle also made Jewish jokes and took many other shots at different demographics. Comedy is what it is, and the notion that some groups are off-limits isn't something to which Chappelle is ever going to adhere.

However, the trans-related jokes resulted in a “trans walkout” and other protests by Netflix employees. The CEO spoke out and defended Chappelle before bowing the knee to try to console the employees who were slamming the company, taking an unwise middle path. When the financial collapse occurred, however, it seemed as if a sudden change of direction took place. It's likely that directors and shareholders weren't satisfied with the fact that their company was about to go under in an attempt to make a tiny fraction of the far-left activists happy.

The physical assault against Chappelle was likely the final straw, however. A man with a knife (hidden in a fake gun muzzle, for obvious reasons) attacked actor Chappelle on stage and was a lot worse off for the incident. Netflix clearly said enough was enough, wanting to emphasize that it won't allow any further internal incitements against those who actually contribute to the success of the company.

The new hardline doesn't exist only in words. The person who led the walkout was fired. Additionally, the suggestion for those who aren't happy with Netflix's decision to seek a new job is about as strict of a recommendation as we’ve seen from a company regarding this subject. It's encouraging to think that possibly we'll witness some sanity restored at the very least in a few areas.

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