NFL’s 2022-2023 Schedule Announcement as Engrossing as Ever

The NFL announced the 2022-2023 schedule as if it was hot news. The NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, MLB is settling into the groove, and given that it's the month of May, what's a better time to discuss the NFL?

For reasons not clear to the general public, the NFL schedule announcement has become an annual event with a lot of hype. This is despite the fact that the list of who will play is announced on the same day as the season's final game. The only thing accomplished on the scheduled release day is the announcement of who, when, and where will take place. We'll just play along.

On September 8, a Thursday, the season begins with the Buffalo Bills migrating west to play the current Super Bowl champion, the Los Angeles Rams, at SoFi Stadium. With the fact that the Bills are currently the most fashionable AFC champion pick, the game is certainly of interest, despite the crushing dismay Buffalo is currently experiencing. The Bills were hoping that they could use the schedule as an opportunity to relocate from New York to Southern California at the end of early January or even in December. The first week of the schedule concludes with a game on Monday night between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. Do you think Russell Wilson will be focused?

The highlight of Week Two is Thursday's game against the Los Angeles Squatters, or Chargers, playing their counterparts, the Kansas City Chiefs. Prepare for a lot of Justin Herbert versus Patrick Mahomes chatter, thanks to Jake of State Farm, if no one else.

Week Three is full of divisional games that begin with the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Cleveland Browns. The Pittsburgh Steelers (and whoever winds up as their quarterback this season) playing the Cleveland Browns, with Baker Mayfield likely not their quarterback.

Week Four is a rerun of the famous Washington Commanders-Dallas Cowboys rivalry. This week's schedule includes the Seahawks against the Lions as well as the Jaguars against the Eagles and the Cardinals against the Packers. The online betting battle between Sylvester and Tweety Bird is going to be lively.

Week Five is full of intriguing matches in which the Cowboys take on their rivals, the Rams, while the Cincinnati Bengals travel to Baltimore to face the Ravens.

Week Six isn't nearly as thrilling. You can't be a winner in all of them.

Week Seven, let's look at this. Kansas City comes west for the game against the San Francisco 49ers. There should be a lot of fans wearing red at the stadium.

Week Eight will see Baltimore traveling towards Tampa Bay for a duel with Tom Brady, and the Buccaneers as well as the 49ers going down the I-5 to take on the Rams, and the Bengals playing the Browns on Halloween night. Prepare yourself for plenty of fun with trick-or-treating.

Week Nine features the rematch of last year's Rams-Buccaneers playoff game.

Week Ten will see players from the Dallas Cowboys visiting the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. It's just that it's in October, and the tundra isn't all that frozen.

Week Eleven features some intriguing division matchups (Raiders against Broncos, Chiefs at Chargers, Bengals at Steelers). The week begins with a Thanksgiving triple-header. The next Sunday's game will feature the Rams taking on the Chiefs.

Week Thirteen. Buffalo at New England. Kansas City at Cincinnati. Should be a good time.

Week Fourteen? The Las Vegas Raiders versus the Rams. It will not be a riot in the stands, or anything else. It's likely to be less exciting on the field, however, as exciting as the Buccaneers playing the 49ers.

Week Fifteen will feature an evening game on Monday with two teams, the Rams and the Packers at Green Bay, with both teams asking to shift the game from Green Bay to Los Angeles.

Week Sixteen has fun in its scheduling, considering that Christmas is on Sunday this year. Therefore, eleven games will take place the night before Christmas, giving an ideal excuse for shoppers who are shopping until the very last minute. Christmas Day imitates Thanksgiving by having a triple-header starting with the Packers, much to their delight, against the Dolphins followed by the Broncos, much to their relief, against the Rams, and finally, the Buccaneers, despite their displeasure with the weather, going at the Cardinals.

There will be no peace on New Year's Day for Week Seventeen, especially in the city of Las Vegas, with the 49ers taking on the Raiders. We send our best wishes to Allegiant Stadium security personnel.

Week Eighteen brings an end to the season with a nostalgic conclusion, since every game is scheduled for a Sunday. Let's dance like it's 1969.

Now we are back to our regular sports-watching during springtime.

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