Biden Commentates regarding Buffalo Mass Shooting at Annual Police Memorial Event

On Sunday the 24th of July, the President Joe Biden attended an annual ceremony in the White House, the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service that serves “mainly [to honor] the officers who recently made the ultimate sacrifice and pays tribute to all the fallen,” according to the Fraternal Order of Police's website.

When he started his speech in the occasion, accompanied on the stage by his wife Jill Biden Biden, he gave brief remarks on the shooting massacre that took place in Buffalo, New York, on the afternoon of Saturday that resulted in the deaths of 10 people out of were killed and 13 injured. RedState reported on in a variety of reports since the incident was first reported.

Before I get started I'll briefly discuss the mass shooting that occurred yesterday in Buffalo.

A single gunman Armed with war weapons and a hate-filled heart was shot dead and killed 10 innocent victims in cold blood, in the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon.

Jill as well as myself, along with many of you, are praying for the victims, their families as well as the devastated community.

Biden said he's “been receiving updates from [his] team and the White House” regarding law police developments in connection with the shooting and “close contact with the Justice Department.”

He continued:

We are still gathering facts, but in the meantime, it has been reported that Justice Department stated publicly that they are investigating the incident for a hate-motivated crime. which is a racially motivated act that reflects the white supremacy movement and extremist violence.

While they are doing so it is our responsibility to join forces to combat the hatred that remains as a mark on America's soul. America. Hearts are heavy yet again, but the resolve should never waver.

As he began his remarks for the memorial ceremony the crowd who were in attendance understood the issue “better” than almost anyone because the audience comprised “moms, dads, children, family members [of fallen officers], about how those folks in Buffalo feel today, when they got the call” that loved ones were dead.

It's like you're trapped in a black gap in your chest and there's no escape.

Jill and I both know thatthere is no memorial or gestures will ever fill the gap in their hearts today or make those who've lost someone also feel.

In fact, as we wrote it was a coincidence that an ex- Buffalo police officer who was a hero and probably helped save lives by his quick actions, died by being shot in a tragic accident.

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