Hunter Biden Takes Advice and Financial Loans From a Reputable South Park Lawyer

As time passes the allegations that surround Hunter Biden continue to grow worse as more information is made public, and information that was public before is now accepted by the mainstream media. As a result, Hunter has been looking for the most effective ways to secure himself, but also ensure Hunter Biden isn't being scrutinized as he currently is. This obfuscation of fact to protect the public is something that the American citizens are sick of seeing from the current administration.

The latest move by the actor is to join forces his efforts with South Park lawyer Kevin Morris. Most well-known for the deal worth $550 million he made for the producers from South Park Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Morris also is a Tony award winner for his co-production of the musical duo's “The Book of Mormon”. In collaboration with Hunter Morris, he is now taking charge of developing his media and legal strategies moving into the future. People close to Morris say he has also paid off the tax bill Hunter was owed to keep working on his art work out in LA.

Morris is widely regarded by famous actors as among the top people to collaborate alongside in Hollywood. His connections and his ability to convince studios to listen to his talks are famous throughout the world of entertainment. He also has written many stories of fiction as in producing highly respected documentaries. He was also the source of another huge agreement with Parker and Stone, landing the pair a $900 million contract together with MTV Entertainment Studios.

The truth is, Morris isn't doing this because from his own heart. Morris is also making a documentary on Hunter Biden that focuses on his life after when he was the subject of broadcast commentary and went through congressional investigation. If this is truly an actual documentary and he is showing that Hunter is innocent beyond doubt. There is evidence and, while he is able to aid Hunter Documentaries such as these are either genuine and Hunter is in trouble or is likely to fabricate the truth and end up losing all credibility.

These types of investigations can become very personal, and that's something Morris wants to put his money on. Hunter and his dad could be a gold mine since they have a cemetery's full of skeletons buried stored in closets. In exposing the truth about their shady actions, Morris has the opportunity to ensure that the American citizens are informed about what really happened since the time that sleepy Joe became president, and during the time leading up to the election.

At the moment, we remain waiting for the truth to emerge. With the sheer amount to be sorted through, the possible trials that are coming up will be fascinating for Hunter and the American people. The fact is that Hunter is a hilarious clown who has made use of his last name to gain access to doors that those like him would never be allowed access to. However, nobody has ever seen the slant to give him access to the door.

When the average American is swept under the floor if they're tax-delinquent or have drug-related charges brought at them. Hunter was given only small talks and letters advising Hunter not to repeat the same thing again. The evidence in his laptop could have put any other person in the position of being tried by now. They'd most likely be in jail as they wait for trial, if they were not already sentenced. Perhaps it seems that the Biden name has kept him from facing the consequences of his actions, and Morris is among the most effective ways to ensure that there is no need to.

At a minimum we can find comfort in the knowledge it is likely that Parker and Stone will make an enormous joke from this over the future. There's just enough to make us laugh about it.

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