Joe Cunningham Discusses Leftist Rhetoric and the Buffalo Shooting

As I mentioned this past Saturday, discussion immediately circulated from the left to blame the Buffalo massacre on Tucker Carlson and people on the right.

CNN's S.E. Cupp continued to do so on Sunday with a sloppy review of the shooting.

This is defamation in the eyes of millions of people – Fox and MAGA don't promote shooting people or white supremacy. In my opinion, people on the left have a certain view of Q e and they are more obsessed than those on the right. Let's not think that Cupp or CNN is unbiased journalism.

We will also discuss the supposed manifesto written by the Buffalo shooter. The manifesto stated that he had previously identified himself as a communist; however, today, he sees himself as a “mild-moderate authoritarian left.”

In the words of PJ Media, later in the manifesto, it states:

“I would prefer to call myself a populist. But you can call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want, I wouldn't disagree with you.” He frequently attacks capitalists and he has resisted the term conservative since, he wrote that “conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

As we've mentioned previously, the manifesto also contained an anti-Semitic meme that attacked Fox News.

This is not what S.E. Cupp suggests. However, do not let S.E. Cupp mislead you. She is employed by CNN, the home of fake news.

But where has Cupp been in dealing with radical leftist rhetoric? And other attacks that may not go with her preferred story? Author Joe Cunningham pointed out that she's surprisingly silent.

What about when it came to a Bernie bro threatening the GOP baseball team? Crickets.

Floyd Corkins slamming The Family Research Council? Nothing.

What was her position on Waukesha? The tweet she posted about it was a lie and ignored the racial slur that the defendant posted about the case.

What about something that is relevant to the leftist who is pushing for abortion — the bombing of a pro-life organization? I looked through various search engines for any information that might be related to the issue and did not find anything from Cupp. I looked through her Twitter feed and didn't find any posts on those on the Left trying to intimidate SCOTUS to do what they want with respect to Roe. The only post I came across that referenced the protests was a tweet she retweeted, which said the reports of Justice Alito having to leave his home were not true.

As we have reported, it was the truth that Alito was forced to move out of his home. 

Do we really remember how CNN and other liberal media outlets described the riots of the left of 2020 “mostly peaceful” — while fires were blazing out of the buildings in the background?

Please, please, leaveists and fake conservatives. Find a different place to go. Because nobody is buying this kind of sham.

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