The Continuing Decline of key 2020 Demographics shows “Bleak” 2024 Forecast for Biden

Political leaders are only concerned about polls publicly and that's when the results favor them. As a veteran political analyst I pay little attention to monthly or weekly changes, including myself the clickbait headlines are a joke — especially with regard to the 2024 presidential race which is 905 days off as I write. But if you were Joe Biden, here's a trend that could scare the living hell to hell

A survey of those who voted for Trump in 2016, but who changed their minds in 2020 and decided to vote for Biden in 2020 have found that only 3 out of 10 would support Biden by 2024. This is a huge decline, not just in terms of a 70% shift, but also due to the sheer amount of votes that could move across the column from the next.

According to The Washington Examiner, the poll was conducted by Republican firm J.L. Partners, a public opinion research company J.L. Partners Also, it found that only one-fifth of those voters rated Biden as having performed “very well” as president. The older voters were much more negative about Biden. According to the Examiner:

J.L. Partners the company's founder James Johnson, former British prime minister Theresa May's chief pollster, has predicted that the”purple voters” will play an important role during the midterm elections in November and the next presidential campaign The estimate is that 4 million are part of the group.

The survey showed that over 1 out of four people who plan for a vote Republican this fall, driven by liberal views regarding the removal of monuments and statues as well as the use of gender pronounsin the media, protests against race, and cancellation of the culture. A majority of the respondents remained loyal to Democrats.

Johnson is also adamantly attributing Biden's and Democrats declining purple voter support to discontent about their economic policies and immigration policies and their pledge to unify the country. Democrats still have an edge over Republicans on the COVID-19 pandemic which is the most popular purple voter worry, as well as healthcare as per Johnson.

Johnson said — and as I've suggested several times and only to be ridiculed with a smear campaign from “some people” for doing this — Republicans in 2024 would be better if they focused their rhetoric on crime, inflation, and the border , rather than focus on 2020. My bet is that Donald Trump is incapable of complying with this advice. (Just take a leap into “Comments” and skewer me right now, if it floats the boat of your choice — good.)

“For Biden, the poll is bleak,” Johnson stated to the Examiner in a sly untruthful understatement.

Does it surprise you? Even with Biden's “Time to heal” and “unity” nonsense, he and his aides are determined to destroy America in the way we see it since day One of their occupant of the Oval Office. Each crisis after another — each one with complete intent been hurled at everyday Americans in a furious manner as the president, who is inept, has been lying about their intentions and, as if he had nothing to conceal, blaming everyone and everything else but himself.

If anything prior to the time that Democrats are able to “enjoy the luxury” of not focusing solely on 2024, the tense business of 2022's midterm elections and an upcoming ass-kicking is are just across the horizon. According to Bonchie, my RedState friend Bonchie this past Sunday, a poll by NBC News could not be more dire for the entire Democrat Party.

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