The Leading Democrat Candidate for Pennsylvania is suffering from a stroke

Although the focus has been at this year's GOP primary contest in Pennsylvania in which Mehmet Oz Kathy, Barnette, and David McCormick are locked in an intense battle, frightening reports broke on Sunday about the Democrat side.

John Fetterman, the presumptive candidate to challenge any of three mentioned Republicans was struck by an accident that sent him to the hospital on Friday.

Although it seems that Fetterman will be able to complete an entire recovery and return to work, politicians have a lot of reason to overlook any health issues they might have. It'll be a while before we get a clear understanding of whether he's experiencing any lasting adverse effects. Although it's not uncommon for patients with blood clots to not experience any negative effects if it was only a single incident, it's not uncommon for long-term problems to occur.

In a race that is close the latest news could make Fetterman's nomination a bit more uncertain however, he's got an enormous advantage over his closest rival, Conor Lamb, that the odds are that he'll cruise to victory in his primary. The question is whether the Republican candidate will turn his health into the focus of his campaign is a thorny issue. Based on what we've seen from other politicians, such as the president of the United States, I do think it's a an appropriate game.

However, I wish Fetterman an all-round recovery and a smooth race until November , which will begin this summer.

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