Deadspin Crashes and Burns over Racism

At the sports desk below the deck on the Good Pirate Ship, we try to keep our eyes on sports, not the absurdity of the woke sports report. In truth, it's easy to become a target for liberals, and making up ridiculous statements is commonplace, and it soon becomes annoying to even acknowledge them all. Occasionally it happens that something is so ridiculous and outrageous and out of touch with reality that it is impossible to overlook. As is the case of Carron J. Phillips at Deadspin and his entitled White supporters who were entertained by Black athletes the day after the racist murder of  Black residents in Buffalo This is what white supremacy looks like. 

We begin by stating the obvious. There is nothing funny about what transpired in Buffalo on the 14th of May. It was an incident that was straight out of hell. It was a terrifying testimony of untreated mental illness and the possible results. The killing of innocents that were targeted due to their skin color was a disgusting and satanic crime. Period. However, Phillips' reaction manages to go to new heights, or depths if you prefer. 

“Sports only serve as an escape from society if you're white … And if you don't believe me, both of Sunday's Game 7s were proof that the awakening was only a brief moment of pseudo-accountability that's passed.”

Five Game Sevens on Sunday. Evidently, the NHL does not count. But I digress.

The last time I looked, the calendar of professional sporting events is accessible to members of all races to go to. I've attended numerous games in all four sports. I've seen every hue in the crowd. The only thing to be noted is the team you're rooting for. The way sports are played is beautiful. It's a shame that Phillips' self-pitying, miserable existence prevents him from experiencing this kind of beauty.

The players aren't being asked what their feelings are about things other than 94 feet after games nearly as often. It's as if basketball or any other sport they choose to participate in is all that ought to be important to players. Reporters on the sidelines aren't asking their players about Roe V. Wade or if their loved ones are afraid to visit the grocery store as they did in the past.

Dude. Try watching or reading ESPN. It's simpler to learn about societal trends than what's on the scoreboard.

Four teams took part in two games. The Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics were first up, then the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks. All four coaches of the teams are Black and so is the majority of these rosters of teams. But in Boston, which is where one game took place, the majority of the population is white according to the most recent census. Also, in Phoenix, Arizona, where the Suns hosted the game, more than 68 percent of people living there are white.

What is this referring to?

From my own head, I'm thinking it's … almost nothing. The 2020 Census indicates Milwaukee's population is 38.8 percent African-American as well as 34.0 percentage white. That's not a lot. Dallas can be described as 28.8 percent white 24.3 percent black, 41.5 percent Latino. Meaning? Yes, you read it. Nothing. Actually, nothing to anyone who is sane and that is saddeningly missing Mr. Phillips.

In spite of the way Jayson Tatum or Grant Williams played Sunday in Boston, and how Jalen Brunson, Spencer Dinwiddie and others performed in Phoenix, just know that they played regardless of what happened to other players. Because it's a privilege to be a Black player in America and you're competing at the top level as an entertainment for the people around the world, being aware that the majority of the fans who cheer for you do not think that your existence is important, could be the most difficult aspect of the game you're putting in that reporters won't ever ask about.

Let's break it into pieces.

Did Shohei Ohtani score the 101st home game of his career on Sunday, despite the tragic events that occurred to others who resemble him from Laguna Woods? Yes, Shohei Ohtani is Japanese and the victims of the shooting were Taiwanese. However, you get the picture. No one asked him about Laguna Woods, correct? Why? because it did not have anything to do with the player. The incident that occurred in Buffalo doesn’t have any connection with any black players of the Celtics or Bucks or Mavericks or Suns.

Regarding the “white people in the stands don't think black athletes' lives matter” Feldergarb … Dude take it seriously. Have you ever been to a Warriors game? Do you wish to feel the passion? Join in whenever Steph Curry and Klay Thompson slams down three-pointers or Draymond Green scores a steal. Even if your small world isn't capable of acknowledging appreciation and passionate support both on and off the court that crosses every racial line does not mean that it's not active and well.

Tucker Carlson brilliantly points out that race-based politics applied to anyone is bad. Phillips is a fool who is trying to earn some points for his Jemele Hill Wannabe Society by criticizing how black athletes' each inquiry and response isn't just a racial or societal slur. These are men of a certain age. If they decide to express their opinions and speak out, the media will take it in and give them a rousing ovation. 

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