Don’t Let the Lie About the Great Replacement Theory Be Used to Smear You

The news of the terrorist attack by white supremacists in Buffalo, New York hit the news and the internet all over the country was horrified by the terrible crime. There was a flood of support for the families of the victims and well-placed outrage towards the person who was believed to have orchestrated the attack. The majority of people saw it as a tragic incident.

However, some saw this attack as a chance.

When it was discovered that the shooter in question was a vehement white supremacist and a progressive voter, activitists and  their colleagues in the media couldn't wait to make use of the dead victims to further advance their agenda. They stomped all over themselves to make use of the incident to portray conservatives as racists who, in some way, facilitated the violence.

Progressives blamed those such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for their stances, saying that their words helped inspire the suspected killer. They were aware that the shooter, in his manifesto which was published prior to the attack, clearly declared his disdain towards Fox News and conservatism. Although they did not pay attention to this section in the manifesto, they paid careful attention to the shooting's use of the Great Replacement Theory (GRT) that progressives use to paint as racists people who advocate for more strict immigration policies.

In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, author Greg Sargent accused Stefanik of support for the notion. He pointed to her claim that Democrats' attempt to offer an opportunity to become citizens for illegal immigrants were designed to serve as an “permanent election insurrection.” This refers to the notion that leftists are in favor of open borders because people who come from Central or South America are more likely to support Democrats. If they allow legal and illegal immigrants to enter the United States, Democrats could eventually grant citizenship, which implies that they will be able to vote for the first time in American elections. This is the concept progressives are trying to describe as the Great Replacement Theory.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, who like many of her fellow citizens have never seen dead bodies of black people she was not willing to exploit, has also claimed that conservatives are adopting The Great Replacement Theory. She tweeted:

Critical race theory is the only explanation for the reason Great Replacement Theory exists, and yet, days after the white supremacist murder, those who sparked an entire book-banning hoopla around CRT are defending and pushing GRT. It's shameful.

Absolutely shocking.

The Lincoln Project, in a constant effort to establish an appearance of credibility, also claimed Stefanik is a proponent of GRT. The Lincoln Project tweeted:

“Elise Stefanik has to double her efforts to repeat what she calls the Great Replacement Theory lies to demonstrate her worth to the racists today. They're the ones who are important for her future political prospects.”

But there's a grave issue with these arguments that the left has made regarding its political opponents. They are in fact deceiving themselves regarding what exactly the Great Replacement Theory actually is. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) explained the history behind the theory and said that the idea “has its roots in early 20th century French nationalism.”

A writer called Renaud Camus who popularized the concept was of the opinion it was the case that “native white Europeans are being replaced in their countries by non-white immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, and the end result will be the extinction of the white race” according to the ADL. The writer was primarily concerned with the growing trend of Muslim migration to European nations but didn't consider the issue as an actual Jewish conspiracy. This was later.

According to the ADL:

“Great replacement” philosophy was quickly adopted by the white supremacist movement “great replacement” philosophy which was rapidly adopted and promoted by the white supremacist group and was a part of their conspiracy theory of the impending demise of white people which is also known by the name of “white genocide.” It also is a powerful reference to the white supremacist's rallying call, “the 14 words:” “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

The group continued: “Since many white supremacists, particularly those in the United States, blame Jews for non-white immigration to the U.S. the replacement theory is now associated with antisemitism.”

The manifesto of the alleged gunman clearly shows that he is anti-Semitic and believes that GRT is a sham conspiracy backed by Jews.

Conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro also pointed this out on Twitter:

If you're trying to be 100% accurate regarding this Great Replacement Theory, it is a conspiracy theory that posits Jewish elites who smuggle minorities in order to alter the ethnic composition of a nation. This is exactly what the Buffalo shooter believes. The same is said by neither political party.

Shapiro has also pointed out the lies that is being exhibited by the left over GRT:

The misinterpretation that The Great Replacement Theory is the same as skepticism about illegal immigration, or concerns regarding the cultural assimilation of immigrants is a falsehood that is designed to mix white supremacy and popular political concerns. It's an obvious lie.

There are obvious distinctions between the beliefs of conservatives about the immigration issue and GRT. People on the right believe that Democrats want to bring in more immigrants since it could give them an advantage in elections. In the past there was a belief among people from both sides that immigrants from specific regions of the world are much more inclined to support Democrats and the research bears this out. Furthermore, they acquire the residency of states that are friendly to illegal and legal immigrants and increase their number of people living there, which could give that state more electoral votes during presidential elections.

The majority of conservatives in the mainstream don't see this as an effort by Jews to take over those of the white race. They believe that this is an attempt by the left to benefit themselves in elections. Nothing more, and nothing less. What one believes or doesn't believe with this argument is not important. You can be sure that this isn't the case while admitting that it's not identical to GRT regardless of how some left-wingers would like it to be.

To summarize: The high profile leftists have been lying about GRT. They're trying to broaden the scope of GRT to include everyone who does not agree with open borders. However, we are likely to see them using GRT as the new target for the duration of time they think they are able to make it work. The right can't afford to stay in the middle of this issue – or else, progressives could fool ignorant people into believing in the lies. This is another area where conservatives must be able to fight.

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