Michelle Obama Weighs in on Roe V. Wade

In the wake of the possibility of repealing Roe v. Wade, former First Lady Michelle Obama is apparently worried about the rights of “womxn.” If you're unsure what womxn actually means, you're not the only one. I needed to search for it.

It is also unclear why she's excluding women who are wombyx, womyn and wombyx; why shouldn't they be worth her attention? It's not obvious. (I'm sure my spell-check is frightened at the moment.)

This is a quick introduction for those who aren't aware (including myself). The first three definitions are from since Merriam Webster will return the standard “not found” when you look up these terms.

Woman: A mature female. (Who knew? Not the new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.)

Womxn: woman (used specifically in intersectional feminists for a different spelling in order to be free of the notion of sexual discrimination in the m-a-n sequence and m-e-n, as well as to include gender non-conforming and transgender women).

Womyn is a woman (used mostly by feminist writers as a spelling alternative to avoid the impression of sexism that is portrayed in the sequences m.a.n as well as m-e-n).

Wombyn: This term is often used to establish an distinction between cisgender female and a transgender female or transgender male. (This definition comes from as there is no definition in nor does Webster include it.)

Thank you for the time we spent and got it out of the way! I'm still confused, as always, and hope that you're not. If you'd like to dive deep into the differences among women, womxn, and womyn, go here for a helpful overview and history of the terms.

In response to Michelle Obama's post on Twitter, she's delivering one of the most self-owned tweets we've ever seen:

“If you're doubting whether or not your vote counts I understand. But keep in mind that state legislators have the power to decide if abortion is legal, safe, and readily available within your community.”

Yes, exactly! This means that should Roe in v. Wade is overturned, abortion will not be suddenly banned in the US, but rather the decision rests with the electors and their representatives. This is how it ought to have been since the beginning.

She concludes by encouraging all of the need to cast a vote “So once you're home from your marching, verify the status of your registration using @WhenWeAllVote. Also, encourage your friends to do the same.”

Also do not abuse those who are Supreme Court Justices at their home and instead, take the issue where it is supposed to be won, at the polls.

Let's go back in time to “womxn,” though. Leftists have been running an ongoing campaign to change terms and meanings of pronouns so that they no longer mean what they did in the past.. For instance, take “Latinx,” the term used to describe Hispanics they've been hurling around. A CNN survey from last year revealed that only four percent of Latinos like the term. But, according to the progressives, we'll make up another one! You can raise your hand when you've heard the term “latine.” You'll hear it until it doesn't work anymore, and they need to change  the word again.

The efforts to modify our language is creating confusion and division, and is making us all look ridiculous. It is shocking to see a Democratic celebrity of Michelle Obama's stature hurling out these uninformed virtue-signaling phrases without explanation; really, it diminishes her.

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