Mike Pence Launching Major Ad Campaign Reaching Out to Latino Voters

The media has mostly neglected former Vice President Mike Pence. Instead, they have tried to bring attention to minor things to distract attention from the awful job Joe Biden is doing as president. However, the media was forced to write about Pence's latest effort to connect with Latino voters through a new advertising campaign presented in Spanish.

The Republican Party is trying to connect with the largest number of Latino voters it can to inform them that there's a party that is a champion for them. Pence's ad will air in critical Democratic-controlled areas in the Nevada area. Susie Lee, Steven Horsford, and Dina Titus are among the Democrats under pressure by Pence's campaign.

The campaign is expected to cost around $10 million. Pence would like the campaign to concentrate on the energy police which Biden was unable to establish.

The new commercial features an individual protesting against Biden's choice to send his members to Venezuela to work out an energy deal with the country's leaders. The woman is a person who fled Venezuela because the government denied freedom to its citizens and pressured them to submit.

Alessandra Torres, the model who is featured in the commercial says, “We don't require that radical, green agenda. America must be energy independent. Make sure you tell Congress to back American energy production, not dictators who despise freedom.”

The organization's name is Advancing American Freedom. Their goal is to attack crucial areas in which the Democrats hold a slight advantage. Pence recognizes that the slight advantage the liberals hold in key regions will be gone when the Latino community is aware of the reality. Many are sick of the way the Democrats have led the nation into ruin.

Pence declared, “It's time to demonstrate American leadership and unlock American opportunity by supporting American energy production that will lower prices at the pump and provide much-needed financial relief to the nation.”

There's no reason Joe Biden should be canceling oil contracts and tinkering with the current energy production. He is not willing to watch America grow into an energy-dependent nation. He believes America has to rely on other nations that are hostile to freedom.

Mike Pence has made it his mission to support candidates in crucial areas. His passion and dedication suffice to get the attention of voters who are in the process of deciding who to vote for. Pence's aim is to bring the truth about the treason by the Democratic Party and their goal to unite with evil nations.

The Republican Party knows that they have to reach Latino voters in order to turn blue districts red during these midterm elections. Latino voters are extremely worried about where the economy is heading and how much prices are rising. A lot of Latinos are from regions run by socialists, which increased inflation and watched it destroy their countries of origin.

The challenge Republicans have to face when dealing with Latino supporters is the difficulty in speaking Spanish. They've tried in the past to communicate in Spanish but were unable to communicate their message. Now, the goal is to focus on Latino voters using Spanish-language materials or videos to clearly outline the stakes in the coming midterm elections.

Pence knows what he's doing through the influence of Latinos who have fled socialist-ruled countries. The message he would like people to understand is Joe Biden is doing the exact same thing to America that the dictators of the past have done to their countries. This message reminds people of the sole way they can end oppression in America is to choose those who support freedom.

The effort to win Latino voters has been successful in areas where campaigns have been executed well. In the case of Florida, the National Republican Congressional Committee targeted Latino voters and discovered a significant rise in Republican voters' registration. The committee also revealed that Democrats had seen a dramatic drop on their Latino voter registrations. The trend is changing as they are now predicting that the Republican Party is set to be the winner of the House in the midterm elections.

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