Rep. Madison Cawthorn Falters in North Carolina GOP Primaries Race

The biggest GOP election news may be Rep. Madison Cawthorn's loss in his primary campaign for reelection as the 11th district of North Carolina’s representative in Congress. Republican challenger Chuck Edwards, who is currently a state senator, will run instead for his seat. The final outcome was close, however, not quite close enough for the incumbent, with Edwards getting the 30 percent (plus 1 vote) required to win the victory straight away and avoid a run-off.

Cawthorn’s life has been a bit turbulent over the last month, with an unending anti-opposition research campaign launched against him. In some instances, the accusations were completely unfair. But a lot of attacks were merely the result of self-inflicted injuries. The video of Cawthorn singing to his cousin, while in a compromising position with a male staffer, could have hurt him, too.

The bottom line is that this is the best thing for Cawthorn to do. Cawthorn needs help from a professional source, and just being an avid Trump supporter isn't enough to excuse his problems. Although we've tried to defend him from certain threats that he's been facing lately, ultimately we’re not fans of bad candidates in poor positions in a presidential election of this magnitude. Cawthorn was given a chance but did not make it happen.

Finally, to add amusement to any argument, in the end, we're only talking about one highly contested GOP district within North Carolina. Although some may prefer Cawthorn, the result of tonight's election isn't a significant change.

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