The View Co-Host Sunny Hostin Mislabels Republicans as the Extremists in America

Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” told viewers last week that the Republican Party is an extremist party, and Democrats are shifting to the middle. Does anyone need more evidence of the complete disconnect between the bubble-dwelling coastal elite, the media elite, and the majority of Americans? What world is Hostin currently living in? The hint is not the actual one.

The Democratic Party recently tried to introduce a bill to regulate abortion right to the point of birth. The. Moment. Of. Birth. If you're against an ideology that says it's morally acceptable to brutally decapitate a fully grown human being (because it's the only way to do it at the end of a pregnancy: dismemberment) only a few seconds prior to her delivery in a safe manner via the delivery canal, you're quite extreme. This is such a radical belief that the majority of Americans are disgusted by it. Surveys show that the number of people who support abortions decreases significantly after 15 weeks. This is because the rational mind can comprehend the science behind birth. We're able to see into the womb almost to the point of conception (it might be uncomfortable if we could actually observe that portion). Humans are innately aware of our individuality. This is why, when you show a photograph of a fetus that is 12 weeks old to a five-year-old child, that child will respond with “I see a baby.” He sees hands, arms, eyes…a little alien-looking, but difficult to explain as something other than a human being. A more “extreme” position is to examine the unborn child and observe their distinctive human traits, then call for his or her head to be removed and flushed down the toilet.

Let's not forget one more altar on which Democrats insist on giving up our children…gender theories. There's nothing more extreme than urging males and females to remove functional, healthy organs of sexual reproduction to achieve the unattainable goal of changing into the opposite gender. It's less radical than working to remove women from the conversation by referring to mothers as “birthing persons” and women as “people who menstruate.” But, that's the place where the Democratic Party has planted its rainbow flags. Democrats are working to remove mere females from society and are choosing to be on the side of males who want to be women instead of the actual women who say, “Hold up. This doesn't make sense, and it's hurting us.” A woman is an individual female. Or… A woman's identity can only be verified by a biologist with a credential.

Which one of these statements is the most extreme for you?

When Republicans advocated for individual accountability in healthcare decisions during the outbreak, Democrats advocated for the ability of the states to close down the businesses of free citizens, shut children out of schools, and oblige all Americans to inject new vaccines into their bodies to enjoy their freedoms of mobility, association, liberty, and life. It's quite extreme for a government to employ police forces with guns to make all citizens shut the doors to their own businesses and keep them off beaches and skate parks “because we said so.”

Every citizen should be able to exercise the ability to conduct an assessment of their risks and protect their health in line with this. Or… The government should be in a position to abolish the Constitution in order to send people inside homes to force citizens to inject foreign substances into their bodies.

Which one of these claims appears to be the most extreme for you?

The Democratic Party was once thought to be the party for the middle class. Today, it is the one for Big Business (choosing big box stores and outfits such as Amazon over the small American companies during the pandemic), Big Pharma, and Big Censorship. They've created a “disinformation board” that has the goal of examining and restricting American speech. They have taken more flat-earther perspectives regarding gender, DNA, and the human body. The president himself stated that it is the teachers who are in charge of our children.

Parents who are angry over unreliable public-school curriculums and the presence of boys in girls' bathrooms have become domestic terrorists. Or… Girls are girls, and boys are boys. Once individuals become legal adults, they can perform any surgical cosmetic modifications to their bodies that they see suitable.

Which one of these assertions appears to be the most extreme for you? If your group has decided that “normal” is promoting infanticide and the brutalization of young children in the name of defending gay rights, the rest of the world will appear to you to be crazy. Sunny Hostin, the extremist is you. Find a few hundred mirrors and gaze directly into them for a long time.

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