Tucker Carlson Responds to Claims He Inspired Buffalo Shooter

Although the shooting spree of 10 victims by the mentally ill man in Buffalo, NY, on Saturday is a stand-alone event, some have tried to accuse their political foes in the incident. In what could only be described as ghoulish, Democrats (and Liz Cheney naturally) have determined that the white supremacist who calls himself a “moderate left authoritarian” and advanced communist was instigated by a variety of conservative figures.

One of the main culprits most heavily accused is Fox News' Tucker Carlson. The network is accused of propagating “The Great Replacement Theory,” and Carlson has been under fire from both the media and the left even though he has no connection to the perpetrator. On Monday night Carlson made it on air to discuss the situation in a way that made the critics appear like clowns.

Carlson observed the way Democrats rushed to launch an organized campaign to assign the blame for the Buffalo massacre to anyone starting from Donald Trump to Elise Stefanik. The most shocking of all shocks is that it is time to fulfill the demands of the left by restricting speech and cracking down on companies that use social media. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is shown in an interview in which she says she “can't shout fire in a crowded theater” and also that “hate speech” isn't protected by law. Both of these claims are untrue and even if they were true then consider who is the one to determine the meaning of “hate speech” is, and you'll be able to understand the ultimate goal of the left.

Later In his monologue, Carlson moved on to Joe Biden. According to reports on Sunday, President Biden will soon be heading to Buffalo for a planned trip. It's a stark contrast to the myriad of absurd excuses provided by the White House for why the president was not able to travel to Waukesha, WI, after the murder of six victims, including a young child and more than 60 others who were injured. Yes, it seems Biden chooses which mass murders to address in accordance with his political views and that's not a surprise considering the violent vindictive partisanship which drives Biden.

Instead of attempting to aid Americans even as they continue to be hurt by Biden's policies and a host of other causes, Biden is doubling down on division, calling the GOP an “existential threat to the nation's democracy.” This is what brought Carlson to make his central point which is that the political racialization which “erases people” and “dehumanizes them” creates violence. There's no free lunch and when one party constantly declares the other side to be evil, specifically splitting groups based on race. It can be assumed that people who are unstable will react in a violent manner.

Carlson concludes by saying that the sole way to get out of this situation and back to sanity is to decide to stop the escalation. It is done by treating people as people regardless of background or race. It is also due to the fact that we have to stop making use of inherent characteristics as a tool to increase political influence. Our leaders, unfortunately, are not willing to stop putting their fingers in the wound.

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