Disney Launches Its “Pride Collection” Just in Time for Pride Month

The Walt Disney Company has upped its LGBTQ game. On Monday, the Mouse announced its “Pride Collection,” a brand new product line that includes clothing for children as well as other supplies. A statement was made available via “The Disney Pride Collection was created by LGBTQIA+ employees and allies at The Walt Disney Company and is a celebration of their amazing contributions and their place in the center of the business. We are united in support of the LGBTQIA+ community everywhere.”

“Pride” versions of Star Wars merchandise will be on sale alongside merchandise that promotes other Disney products.

The Walt Disney Company will donate all the profits from Disney Pride Collection sales now until July 30, 2022, to organizations that help LGBTQIAplus families and children. This includes the sale of Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars Pride Collection merchandise.

In the terms explained in this announcement, U.S. profits will be distributed to 17 affiliated organizations, which include the following: 

Ali Forney Center. The Ali Forney Center (AFC) is the largest group working to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning teens who have been alienated from their families and sent out onto the streets because of their gender identities. 

And GLSEN. GLSEN is a non-profit organization that creates secure and positive school and educational environments for all learners, regardless of their sexual orientations or gender identities, as nobody should be forced to choose between health and education.

And ARELAS. ARELAS is a Spanish organization that offers support to parents of trans people. The group has been in operation for more than five years to ensure equality in the opportunities as well as rights of Spanish trans youth in all facets of private and public life.

Then there’s the Zebra Coalition. The goal of the Zebra Coalition is to empower LGBTQ+ youth to thrive. The Coalition hopes to create a space in which every  LGBTQ+ youth feels safe and encouraged.

And the SF LGBT Center. The mission of the SF LGBT Center is to connect the diverse community with resources, opportunities, and one another to realize its goal of creating a more united, healthier, and equitable society for LGBTQ individuals and their allies.

Other groups to be supported address LGBT concerns in Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, and South America.

The world has certainly changed since Walt Disney's dream. In the past decades, sex was the only thing that could not be associated with the company. But the issue of sexuality has taken on obvious importance, and there's no sign of a reversal.

The timing of the announcement was, naturally, shortly after reporter Christopher Rufo revealed behind-the-scenes efforts to encourage the Rainbow throughout all aspects of television. He noted that there have been reports that Disney has kept quiet regarding the controversy surrounding the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS leak. However, this year's Pride Collection makes it clear it's moving at full speed where the issue of gender and sex is concerned.

Disney will perform as a group in June, “Pride Month.” In celebration of the teamwork, Target is offering chest-binding tops that can be tied around the chest and “packing underwear.” July is sure to be a vibrant month, as is the rest of the year. Here are some upcoming special holidays, weeks, and months: Omnisexual Visibility Day; Non-Binary Awareness Day; International Non-Binary Day; International Drag Day; Gay Uncle Day; Bisexual Awareness Week; Bisexual Visibility Day; LGBT History Month (USA and Canada); National Coming Out Day; International Pronoun Day; Spirit Day; Asexual Awareness Week; Intersex Awareness Day; Trans Awareness Month; Transgender Parent Day; Intersex Day of Solidarity; Trans Awareness Week; Transgender Day Of Remembrance; World AIDS Day; Pansexual Pride Day; Human Rights Day.

Returning to Disney, the iconic company was once about princesses and princes as well as the magical and innocent. The princesses, however, are now part of the patriarchy, and the company has evolved. The kingdom is no longer the realm of fantasy for only girls and boys–or gentlemen and ladies, whatever.

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