What Johnny Depp Should Learn from the Legendary Johnny Cash

When he died at the age of 83, Johnny Cash recorded a simple, stark version of the popular American song “God's Gonna Cut You Down.” The video for the song was released three years after Cash’s death and featured brief appearances by celebrities and individuals who lived their lives in such a way that it was hard to believe they were still alive. In the final segment, a guitar-wielding man who's been in the news lately is featured.

Recent news stories highlight an unsurprising fact. Searches on the internet about Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard significantly outnumber those related to the controversy over abortion. In a way, this is in line with the prevalent theme of the electorate. In particular, the economy leads in importance compared to issues related to abortion. But there's more to the story, and it’s not discussed as a factor at work.

It could seem like a shocker. However, the truth is not related to the endless fascination of pop culture with celebrities who behave badly or in frivolous pursuits beyond serious social problems. Sure, there's a certain amount of escapism at work. It's much more enjoyable to focus on absurd and humorous celebrity lives instead of the current issues: the price of gas, inflation, and baby-formula shortages, all that kind of stuff. It's possible to take in one or two bad news stories before seeking a distraction. But this statement isn't the point.

These are two horribly broken individuals who have brought out the worst in each other and now are fighting for their lives to prove that the other is to blame. Public opinion is a whirlwind, and how the court will make its decision on Depp’s defamation lawsuit is to be seen.

There is a deeper truth that is more powerful than everything else. It is called the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus loved and sacrificed His life for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. He loved and sacrificed for the fan girl outside the courtroom screaming for Johnny and for the fierce Amber Heard believer pounding out her 35th tweet in support of her heroine. Jesus is a lover of the broken and brokenhearted. He is able to reach those who seem unattainable, whether they are the spoiled and f?ked celebs, the trailer- or street-dwelling poor, or anyone else deemed to be in between.

Let's hope that even when people surf the internet to find the latest sexy audio clips from Depp vs. Heard, that still, small voice speaks to them, reminding them that there's a higher truth for which they must look. In the end, here's hoping that both Depp and Heard follow the example of Johnny Cash, a smokin', hellbent, pill-popping hick who allowed Jesus to change his life.

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