White House Issues One False Tweet Too Many, Unleashing a Stunning Backlash, Even from the Left

Doesn't the Biden Administration have an oversight board to rid itself of misinformation? If so, the board may have to take an honest, objective review of a recent announcement issued by President Joe Biden's White House about vaccines that are so flimsy that even the CNN and Washington Post fact-checkers asked Biden's team to delete the misleading information.

The official White House Twitter account recently posted information in which it claimed there was no COVID-19 vaccine in the pipeline at the time that Biden was inaugurated in January 2021. The same claim was made in the past when Vice President Kamala Harris said that the Biden Administration needed to begin with a new foundation when they first began their term.

The tweet stated that “when President Biden was inaugurated there were millions of people without jobs as there were no vaccinations to choose from. In the past 15 months the economy has generated 8.3M jobs, and the unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, which is the highest rate of decline in unemployment that the presidency of a president ever.”

The irony lies in the fact that Joe Biden himself received his first COVID-19 vaccine in the month of December 2020, prior to his inauguration. Biden tweeted about receiving the shot and also praised the researchers and scientists who worked hard to get it done. Biden received his second vaccination in January, also prior to his inauguration. The White House shared a video of Biden getting the vaccine.

Based on the Our World Data website, there were nearly 19 million people in the United States who had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before Biden took office. Furthermore, 3.5 million Americans were fully vaccinated by January 20, 2021, the day that Biden was inaugurated.

Glenn Kessler is a fact-checker for the Washington Post, and he is generally very supportive of the Biden Administration. However, facing this level of misinformation, he stated, “Who's manning the @WhiteHouse Twitter account? Remove this fake tweet. Biden himself has stated that the seniors who had an 8% rate received the vaccine the day he was inaugurated. Biden was among those.”

Another typically cheerful-sounding voice, Daniel Dale, from CNN wrote: “There was no vaccine on the market. It is clearly false. Over 3 million Americans had been fully vaccinated. More than 18 million received [a] minimum one or more doses prior to Biden's day of Inauguration. Biden himself was completely vaccin[ated]. It was evident that the vaccine became more widespread as time went on, but there's absolutely, People are free to tweet that the vaccine was not available to a large portion of the population… There was no vaccine on the market at the time of the outbreak is a bit too much considering that there were 19 million people getting shots, implying that the entire rollout started with Biden.”

These two were not the only ones. There was a storm of responses via Twitter to the false White House statements. A lot of people questioned whether Biden's Disinformation Governance Board would take action. There was a request for the director of the board, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, to respond. Nina Jankowicz has been referred to as the “minister of truth” or the “misinformation czar.” People are calling for her to correct the glaring error.

A different CNN reporter, Scott Jennings, reminded the general public that they gave one million shots every day prior to the day that Biden was inaugurated. He also said it's obvious that the White House isn't even trying to do anything anymore.

We've barely looked at the reactions from Republican leadership. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) demanded that the tweet be taken down and that Biden not be disgraced in the office of the president. Also, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) stated, “The Communist Ministry of Truth is in full force.”

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