Lots of Fun at the Preakness Stakes

If you have relatives who come from Kentucky, you are taught when you're a kid that the race that is the beginning of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, is the first Saturday of May. It takes place on Churchill Downs in Louisville. In many aspects, this is a signal the spring season is coming, just like Opening Day for baseball fans who live in colder climates (I'm from Ohio).

There are two more races to follow during the racing season and the second took place on Saturday in Maryland. Baltimore's Pimlico Race Course hosts the Preakness Stakes two weeks after the Derby. (In three weeks from the day of the Derby the New York's Belmont Stakes will be held.)

Today, at the Kentucky Derby, the pre-race rituals include the singing of”Our Old Kentucky Home,” the state song. Bluegrass State song “My Old Kentucky Home,” written by Stephen C. Foster.

In 1939, the official state song for Maryland was”Maryland, My Maryland,” according to the website of the state government. That's the song they would sing in the state (until 2020 and then the mob of woke people stopped them). The website for the state adds:

As of July 1st, 2021 “Maryland, My Maryland” as the state song was removed and not substituted with the help of the General Assembly (Chapters 148 & 150 of the of the Acts of 2021).

It's true that I'm familiar with military flyovers that are part of other sporting events such as that of the Indianapolis 500 or the Major League Baseball's World Series, but it was awe-inspiring to watch the Northrop Grumman B-2 (Stealth Bomber) flying by prior to when the Preakness began.

It's unclear how relaxing it could have been for horses (but there's a good chance that no one wanted to know).

Everyone who is interested in racing horses (even at a casual level) is aware that the Derby is also known by the name of “the Run for the Roses.” The horse that wins is adorned with the red roses in a blanket. What do they wear during the Preakness? Why, it's black-eyed Susans!

It was an absolute pleasure to write about the race this year when I learned that the horse's name was the winner's horse. Perhaps in a touch or humor (or God winking at all of those of us who care so much about our political views) The winner’s title is Early Voting.

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