The Chicago Mass Shooting You Didn’t Hear About

Chicago has been hit by a mass shooting on Thursday, as reported by NBC News.

Two victims were killed and seven injured on Thursday night during the tragic mass shooting that occurred close to a McDonald's in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood, the police report says.

The shooting took place at around 10.40 p.m. Thursday evening in the 800 Block of North State Street outside of the McDonald's close to Chicago Avenue and State Street, Chicago Police spokesperson Tom Ahern told reporters.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said two groups were arguing when a gunman shot a gun at the crowd. The incident was recorded on camera near the scene, Brown said.

“We see on video where a person with a gun fires into the crowd – basically this is a disturbance, a personal conflict – hitting the nine people, killing two, wounding seven,” Brown stated.

Don't expect endless coverage in the media of President Biden's plans for a visit to the intersection of Chicago Avenue and State Street in front of the McDonalds where two victims died and another is in critical condition (all were shot through the chest) according to the Chicago Tribune reports. Don't expect to get any additional details about the previous weekend's killing of a teenage boy which the newspaper writes has left people in shock. It just isn't in line with Biden's and the Democrat Party's narrative of “gun violence” or the ever-growing threat that is “white supremacy” in America.

Perhaps you're not shocked that there's been no announcement on the mass shooting by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) or from a participant in the Squad on the tragic loss of the lost lives except of course if there is a way to have the blame used to promote stricter laws that will make it more difficult for Americans to purchase l guns to protect themselves. 

The stale and gruesome phrase, as seen in the Tribune report on Saturday, about the city's rising violence reports it increased threefold over last year's period from January 1 to May 18, from 5 up to 15. As of now, the public is well-versed in the excuses of Mayor Lori Lightfoot to explain her party's years of insanity in Chicago. However, pay attention to the Police Superintendent of Chicago David Brown insists the problem is a national problem that is not under his control. He says that the city is “awash in guns.”

“This is a gun crime crisis in our city and our country,” Brown declared. Because a person that was involved in the debate was carrying a weapon, gunfire broke out.

“We are awash in guns,” Brown stated.

Reread it: “[S]omeone in the crowd who was involved in the argument had a weapon, gunfire erupted.” So, I'm not being impressed with the analysis of the Director, but it's the way guns function. It's a cliche old adage, but the truth is that guns don't cause deaths. Criminals who have guns are the ones who kill people.

Lightfoot as well as Brown are both on the case:

The mayor Lori Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown immediately blamed the shooting on parents who didn't keep track of their children, as well as a flurry of guns in the city, including those carried by children who make use of them in fights that in the past might not have ended in death.

One person, who the Tribune describes as a stockbroker, appears puzzled by the gap between the experiences he's had over the last 3 or 4 years and he claims it's “trouble” sometimes, but it's not his experience to know that there could be a fatal shooting as well as the phrases that he hears from Democrat officials like Lightfoot.

“It goes away a little bit when the police are patrolling, like they are now, but it doesn't solve the problem,” said the official. “Mayor Lightfoot talked about improving crime, and it doesn't seem to be improved. Not only around here but in all of Chicago. I can't quite understand what's going on.”

Matt Vespa at our sister publication Townhall, in his article on Friday about the Buffalo shooting, outlined what the leftists' bigger purpose is, and it is something we should be aware of:

The Left always has their sights set on the gun, which is a major part of their ongoing campaign to destroy the Constitution. Our Constitutional document is the most formidable obstacle to the progressive authoritarian agenda that the left wants to see implemented.

My coworker Brandon Morse also pointed out the risk of putting faith in this massive federal “safety” lie, in the latest VIP piece on Friday. He's right. If people continue to elect majorities of Democrats in cities like Chicago, New York, and many others, they're likely to be awed by the things they see happening in their neighborhoods — areas where their families should be safe.

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