Turley Says Hilary Clinton Will Take No Responsibility in Durham Investigation

George Washington University law professor and self-described libertarian Jonathan Turley said Friday on Fox News' “Special Report” that Hillary Clinton will probably avoid “direct responsibility” in the Durham investigation because of her “Voldemort-like status.”

In the spirit of nothing however, since we're in comparing public figures with Harry Potter characters, I would like to remind you that our disinformation czar, who was short-lived, Nina Jankowicz can be compared to the similarly temporarily-tenured Hogwarts Headmistress Dolores Umbridge. It's just a thought…

But let's get back to the issue that is at hand. Turley was on the show alongside Host Bret Baier in “Special Report,” and Turley predicted that Clinton will not be punished as she is every time. Instead of editing this down, let the words of the professor speak for themselves:

Hillary Clinton has always had an almost Voldemort-like position of having to not be mentioned in any scandal. The Clintons have been able to stay clear of direct blame for a number of scandals. And here is her campaign manager putting the money on his former boss, declaring, “Look, she approved it. She knew about it.”

The reason why this is vital is that this assertion was completely absurd. The claim was unsubstantiated. It was swiftly disapproved by the government and had no foundation in the eyes of those who considered it. However, the Clinton campaign did not hesitate to push it. The Alfa Bank story was pushed by Jake Sullivan, now the national security adviser, as well as from Clinton herself. However, the most important thing to remember is that Obama was briefed when he was president. Obama was told, while the president was in office, about the possibility that Hillary Clinton was planning to declare a Russian conspiracy claim to Donald Trump to try to get away from the emails during the presidential campaign.

Now we have people saying, “Yeah, she green-lighted the Alfa Bank claims,” that were totally without basis. The Clintons are very adept in avoiding direct blame for the various scandals that have been uncovered and I'm sure this to be the case with this one.

Apart from false declarations made to federal authorities, it's hard to find anything to bring charges against a variety of people. This is the reason why the investigation of the special counsel is vital, particularly in the event that he is able to create the report that provides a clearer picture of how this incredible farce took place during this period of the Clinton campaign.

Turley refers to the special counsel John Durham's investigation of the former Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. In the words of Durham, Sussmann lied when the lawyer claimed he didn't work for clients when he spoke to the former FBI Official James Baker about the false Alfa Bank allegation, which was believed to reveal a backchannel between the Trump organization and Russia. In reality, Sussmann was working for the Hillary Clinton campaign, as the trial is showing.

On Friday, former director of the campaign Robby Mook pointedly implicated Hillary Clinton in the scandal and admitted the fact that She Who Must Not Be Named “signed” off on the spread of the fake Alfa Bank story.

Turley is generally correct in his assessments, but let's hope that Turley isn't wrong on Hillary skating. Clinton was involved in–or was aware of one among the most egregious disinformation schemes in American history that was the Russia Collusion conspiracy, which put our president in a bind for two years, and cost this nation in innumerable ways.

Harry Potter finally brought down Voldemort. It's the time for Durham to achieve the same feat for She Who Cannot Be Named.

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