University Won’t Be Accredited Unless it Teaches Future Journalists about Social Justice

The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, seeks accreditation in a traditional format. However, the school isn't adequately soaked in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

The issue is The Hussman School of Journalism and Media and its inadequacy at the eye of the Accrediting Council of Education for Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). Each six-year period, accreditation is required to be renewed. The vote on April 29th resulted in “Unapproved.” Only provisional status was granted, and a second review set for two years later.

Daily Tar Heel relays the reason why they were rejected:

The council concluded that the school of journalism was not in conformity with its standards relating to inclusion and diversity… There were also problems with the standard of the council in relation to governance, mission, and administration.

UNC cannot just fulfill identity quotas for recruitment and enrollment, but also instill social justice into future journalists:

The site team from the council stated that the journalism school must keep following its diversity policy and other initiatives for faculty and student retention and recruitment, specifically. The school also must incorporate diversity and inclusion into its curriculum.

If it doesn't line out, a ship-out may be in the near future:

If the school does not comply with its diversity guidelines and implement a major alteration in its diversity, equity, and inclusion by the time the two years the school has been given are up, the school's accreditation may possibly be rejected.

There was a period in America where colorblindness was believed to be the norm for our culture.

But the new, enlightened law of the land: Separate the races of all people.

If the piano had been invented in the present, the white and black keys would be kept in separate rooms.

A Major University Trains Its Students in groups of white and Nonwhite students.

Another University Offers Segregated Graduation

The University's Anti Racism Posters Help Students to See Each Other in a Different Way Based on Race

American University Creates Black-Only Version of the Required Course on Anti-Blackness'

Cartoon Network Schools Kids on Racial Righteousness: Never Be Colorblind

The Federal Government Makes It Official That Colorblindness is Racist

For the curriculum, social justice seems to be the new core of education:

As noted in The Daily Tar Heel, UNC-Chapel Hill requires that accreditation:

Hussman holds an award-winning journalism school which is ranked first overall in the Hearst Journalism Awards, a national competition that grants scholarships to students in recognition of “outstanding performance in college-level journalism,” eight times since 2002.

It is vital for UNC to receive its accreditation fully as it tries to draw faculty members and students. In the event that the Hussman school were to lose its accreditation, it could challenge UNC's standing as the most prestigious university for public students within the southern region.

What is taught in the curriculum that could influence the direction of the media coverage that America will receive in the future?

Will UNC also teach journalism students in the art of racial harmony? After all, it's not necessary.

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