Biden Official Responds to Damning CBS Poll with Pathetic Response

The proportion of Americans who think things aren't going well is at the highest level that it has been in Joe Biden's presidency, according to a recent CBS News poll. Seventy-four percent believe that things aren't going well in America.

Much of it is due to inflation that has reached record levels of 40 years. But now the stock market has seen a drastic downwards trend, which is making people even more pessimistic and has people thinking about whether their retirement savings could be in danger. The majority of people who have made investments into the stock market are skeptical.

A shocking indictment of the Biden presidency:

The economy, according to 69 percent of people, is in a bad state.

The majority of people are worried about the cost of living.

70 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden's handling on inflation.

65 percent believe Biden was “slow to react.”

They're staggering numbers and what that means is that we're talking not just of Republicans and independents, but Democrats too and their constituents that they'll need desperately during November, when they're likely to lose during the midterm elections. Nearly 50% of Democrats think the situation is dire in the United States, for the first time during Biden's presidency. Much of that is tied to how they feel about the economic situation. Many young people, a majority of Hispanic Americans, and about 50% of Black Americans think Biden is slow to respond to issues as time and again this year, we've witnessed that Biden is slow to respond to issues that range from Afghanistan to inflation.

Biden and his team claimed that inflation would just “pop up a little bit,” and continued to claim throughout the months of inflation that it is “transitory,” until he could not claim it any longer. Biden declared that no one predicted inflation, but actually, a lot of people did, and there were some who said that should Biden go ahead with his spending of the American Rescue Plan, things were likely to get worse.

Biden's NEC Director Brian Deese went on CNN's “State of the Union” with Dana Bash, and she asked him to explain the question. “So, how did the Administration get things so wrong?”

“Look, a lot of things have changed over the course of the last year,” Deese said. “And we've dealt with a lot of unexpected challenges.” Sure, they've become more difficult precisely because Biden did not pay attention to the warnings regarding things that were completely expected. Biden took the action he was able to due to being in the grip of radical Democrats and all he's been able to spend his money on. What makes Deese believe he's able to come up with an answer for this? However, that's all they can offer, since things are only getting worse.

The answer can be found in the CBS poll. The answer is: No, they cannot be allowed to get away with these sloppy answers. They can't keep on saying there's nothing wrong with them and keep blaming everything and everyone else. They'll be knocked down, but not for the good when it comes to November. A quick reminder of who Brian Deese is — The guy who declared in September that the high food prices aren't a problem so as long as you do not include the cost of pork, beef, and poultry, the things that a lot of us rely on.

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