Calvin Klein Recognizes Mothers, Even Mothers who are Men

If you haven't seen it, Calvin Klein released a captivating ad in the month of March.

The advertisement was shared on Instagram and was awe-inspiring in its replication. The salute it chose to use was a series of pictures. Perhaps the most intriguing photos include a pregnant man.

The campaign started with the celebration of Mother's Day. The caption on the collection read:

Today, in honor of mothers and women across the world, we're shining a spotlight on the reality of families that are growing.

The first to be featured was mommy Kylie, “a South African painter and mother to (infant) Wild.”

And then on to something even more radical, to an extent of toplessness trimesters, and transgenderism:

Roberto (Bete) is set to have a baby with Erika (Fernandes)'s. The child, Noah, will be born within the next 24 hours.

According to MSN, the partner of Roberto's pregnancy is an actual male, who is identified as female.

What did the couple who are “Brazilian reality stars” per Microsoft News, use to make it happen isn't clear.

As in Calvin Klein's mind To-mah, tomato,

It is possible to reproduce genetically, or by the heart…our goal is to be loved.

Sure, Roberto isn't the world's first bun-oven'd boy.

The complexity of pregnancy has increased exponentially:

“To include non-binary Parents, Hospitals Remove the terms ‘Breast Milk and ‘Father'”

“Breastfeeding Academy Sails on “Breasts””

“Hospitals are Beginning to ask men if they're Expecting a Baby”

“University Teaches Midwifery Students at University How to Manage the Birthing Penis”

It's part a bigger shift:

“University Changes the Name of Its Women's Clinic, claiming that “Women” Was Not Medically Accurate”

There was a split on Instagram that did not agree with Calvin Klein's reference to modern pregnancy.

In response, the company issued a statement:

We welcome this platform as a welcoming and respectful platform for self-expression and individualism. We at Calvin Klein tolerate all things, except for intolerance. All comments that violate our standards are removed, and accounts that make racist statements will be blocked. We are looking to continue a constructive and inclusive dialogue with the community we serve.

Of course when they interpret “intolerance” as disagreement, then they are themselves intolerant when they disagree with their definition of disagreement. Maybe I'm confused.

In any case, as a culture we've come a long way. If you're doubting the extent of progress, take a look at this video taken from the Monty Python show Life of Brian:

When we think of Calvin, the following thought is raised: The firm claims that Roberto is a woman, But why isn't it not “mother” or a “mother”? The possibility of misgendering could be present in the air for us.

In light of the various ways gender and sexuality are played around, there's an enormous amount of ironing out that needs to be worked out. 

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