Gunman’s Mental Health Status Not Discussed if it Contradicts Media Narratives

If the media is faced with embarrassing facts concerning a shooter's actions then its reluctance to tell the truth is clear.

A recent incident that involved gunshots has alarming relevant aspects. The site was a place for business, and the victims were deliberately chosen as victims due to race. The people who knew the shooter have reported him making statements about his hatred for his possible victims, along with thoughts that the people belonging to an ethnic group were becoming a threat to his existence. This hatred could have prompted him to take part in a variety of shootings.

That last line could have caused you to pause. The gunman at the Tops grocery store in Buffalo is believed to have committed theone shooting. What's the matter? The things I mentioned, although similar in essence, were not the specifics of Payton Gendron's shooting spree. Instead, I provided information about a string of shootings that took place in the Dallas region targeting businesses run by Asian-Americans.

Jeremy Smith was taken into custody after his arrival at a local salon within the city's Koreatown region. He fired at the staff and clients and injured three. The vehicle and description of Jeremy Smith are closely linked to two similar incidents that targeted Asian companies with Asian victims. It is funny that we don't see the media needing the help of a chiropractor following their desire to spin and twist the story as they have done in Buffalo.

The most important reason is the fact that Jeremy Smith is an African American. As an African American, he can't serve as a spokesperson for the dominant narratives in the media. There is therefore no need to present Smith as a model to promote gun control. He isn't used for being an illustration of racism, so they also can't declare him a victim of Republican training. Because of this, Smith's actions are portrayed as being because of mental health issues; however, this is an interesting dynamic that comes into the picture.

Gendron's motives are vigorously denied as being due to mental illness. We are told by a myriad of experts it is because racism can be a result of choice, and is not a result of an impairment to the brain.

Of course, they have to decide to pretend not to notice that the shooter was subject to mental health assessments in the past. The same is confirmed by classmates who have repeatedly observed the odd behavior of the soon to be shooter. He was arrested for making threats of violence. He was not a steady person, by any standard, but even when Tucker Carlson – the very person who is blamed by the media – tried to speak to this argument it was dismissed.

In the present, I believe there is a need for some clarity regarding the two incidents. Except for what race the person in question is, we are witnessing mirror-image patterns of behavior. Two people with mental disorders have acted violently because of their differing opinions about race after having notified a lot of people to their behavior. However, for reasons that appear to stem from the narrative that they want to tell in the media, one case shows the media casually making reference to the existence of a mental illness and the other, with an agenda that has been written, the discussion of mental illness is not permitted.

The same press which tries to frame issues as a serious debate can't take things seriously based on the truth and reality in the same way although they act like the arbiters of truth and morality. The tendency to react to two simultaneous stories in totally different ways is not the definition of serious journalism.

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