Location Tracking in “2000 Mules” Being used to Circumvent Abortion Industry

The Dinesh D'Souza documentary 2000 Mules gave insight into the ways in which the 2020 Election could have been taken advantage of. It also introduced people to information about data and location tracking and the ways in which this can be used to support more conservative purposes, such as the ability to monitor woman considering an abortion.

VICE is shocked by the fact that a capitalist firm Safegraph could sell its own data for profit as well as marketing, and not for ideology. The new media arm of the left immediately raised the alarm:

How data collection connects to the right to abortion or lack of it is likely to attract more attention in the aftermath of this draft. There could also be an increase in vigilante activities or other forms of surveillance or harassing those who seek or offer abortions. With this data on location accessible to anyone on the market, the customers might include vigilantes against abortion as well. Anti-abortion organizations are already proficient in using new methods to accomplish their objectives. A 2016 chief who worked with anti-abortion and Christian organizations sent targeted ads to women who were inside Planned Parenthood clinics in an attempt to influence their decisions regarding having an abortion. The selling of information on location raises questions as to the reason why businesses are selling data that are based on abortion clinics in particular and whether they need to put in place more security measures for the purchase of such data, if they are selling it in any way.

“It's bonkers dangerous to have abortion clinics and then let someone buy the census tracks where people are coming from to visit that abortion clinic,” Zach Edwards, an expert in cybersecurity who monitors the marketplace for selling data and explained to Motherboard during an internet chat after analyzing the details. “This is how you dox someone traveling across state lines for abortions–how you dox clinics providing this service.”

The last time I did a check I saw that there were plenty of leftists and death purveyors who were doxing. Concerning the targeted ads that are sent to women's mobiles? We are all bombarded every day with useless garbage advertisements and we can't resist it. This advertisement is also not intrusive, but it is designed to help babies. However, the members who make up Team Planned Parenthood who masquerade as elected representatives of the people want to have this practice wiped out, particularly due to the SCOTUS decision which could end Roe V. Wade.

According to Business Insider reports:

Thirteen Democratic senators have sent letters the Federal trade commissioner Lina Khan, asking how personal information about the location of women who seek abortions will be secured in states where abortions could soon be considered a crime.

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tammy Baldwin stated that they had “serious concerns regarding recent reports identifying data brokers buying and selling location data that include personal data related to family planning and abortion services.”

Senators referenced a recent report from VICE which suggested that anti-abortion groups or vigilantes could purchase data sets to identify those who have been to abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood. Vice said that the Data broker Safegraph had a database of phone information on the location of 600 Planned Parenthood clinics.

An FTC spokesperson confirmed: “I can confirm we have received the letter but we do not have any additional comment.”

The two Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) as well as Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) were staunch supporters of tracing human beings in COVID cases. Baldwin employed the inequity and discrimination excuse to call for more COVID contact tracking within minority communities.

Baldwin stated that the nation must be more thorough in letting be aware of how many people in communities of color are able to access testing, are positive, or dying.

In the polls that are available, “communities of color” continue to show rates of vaccination much lower than the norm. Did she ever think about the one reason for this is that they don't wish to be monitored or tracked?

However, Baldwin was able to move forward in her quest to ensure the tracking measures were added to the COVID law that Congress continues to spit out.

Baldwin claimed she was able to get certain health monitoring measures in legislation that was passed this week. Baldwin said she'll continue pushing for economic data, too.

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