Twitter Culture is Rife with Communism, But Musk Can Change That

The tiniest violation of Facebook's notorious “community standards” will land the person who violates it in “Facebook jail” where they aren't allowed to publish or reply to posts for a specified duration of time. Big Brother is always watching.

It's not a secret that social media platforms restrict the content of their users. According to their internal criteria, they decide what's appropriate to view. As Facebook's automated censors monitor for content that depicts violence, pornography and the typical list of unacceptable content, Twitter takes a different approach and is arguably the most biased social media platform. Liberals enjoy it. Conservatives are not so sure.

Twitter is always looking for what they think is right-wing propagandism. It's defined as anything that isn't compatible with the Leftists beliefs of the company, or its team of liberal censors.

Siru Murugesan works as a chief engineer with Twitter. He's also one of the few conservatives who are on Twitter's payroll. Murugesan revealed to Project Veritas how Twitter targets conservative users, while ignoring posts by its liberal followers.

Without hesitation, Murugesan said Twitter's culture is so neoliberal the platform is “commie as f**k and they hate, hate, hate Elon Musk's $44billion takeover.” Murugesan made it clear that the platform “does not believe in free speech”

The influence of the far-left is so powerful that his colleagues were almost converting him before they finally came to awareness. Twitter has evolved into nothing less than a propaganda tool for the far left that is facilitated by control of speech. User beware.

When Musk is able to finalize the deal he's attempting to negotiate with Twitter prior, he's going to be coming in like a bull into the China shop. The Twitter staff is flitting in fear of getting fired or, at minimum, losing control over censorship.

Musk has stated that major changes are on the way. His first task is to change the algorithms which have been programmed to recognize certain right-wing words to prevent certain types of posts from appearing. This task requires the participation of a few live humans who can detect the words.

When asked about how his colleagues are feeling about the Musk purchase, Murugesan said, “They dislike it. Oh my god. I'm pretty happy with it. However, some of my colleagues are just Super left left and left. They're like, “this could become my final day at work if this occurs.”

He also said it's not uncommon for right-leaning Twitter employees to shift to the left after having worked in the political environment that they've been forced into. “I think it's just like the environment like you're there and you become like this commie.”

Musk has been outspoken about the left-wing bias on Twitter. Musk has been vocal about Donald Trump and Steve Bannon being barred from the site and left-wing extremists being permitted to spew out untrue and misleading information.

Murugesan claimed that things are already beginning to change on Twitter. Uncertain about their futures, employees are taking their time. “You know that our jobs are in danger. Musk is (Musk) capitalist, and we didn't operate as capitalists, but more of a socialists. We're all commies, the f ***.'”

At a Twitter “all hands' meeting, an employee spoke of Musk as “a person with questionable ethics.” However, to the left, wouldn't this be the case for every successful conservative capitalist that has ever established an empire on America's open market? “Those people are just horrible…shame on them for working their asses off and doing so well.” This is the way they see it.

If you've previously failed on Twitter, nobody would blame you, just try it for a while and then try again. In any case, it's amusing to watch the liberal left's whimper and flail as they're slapped by the reality they've tried to avoid. Go get 'em, Elon.

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