White House Caught Lying About Vaccines, Even CNN Noticed

As the COVID disease continues to impact the lives of Americans during a second president’s term, we've witnessed a variety of diverse opinions about what we should do and what American citizens ought to be trying out. When former president Trump quit the presidency, he gave his predecessor, President Biden an extremely straightforward, yet effective plan. However, similar to pulling out of Afghanistan, he bungled the plan. Instead of continuing his legacy of the Truth Trump shared with Americans, Biden keeps pushing false information.

It's been so bad with Biden's stance on vaccines that even CNN has been troubled in pushing Biden's latest agenda when it pertains to vaccines. When Biden's White House official account makes absurd statements like the one in the tweet from May 12th, you can tell that things are getting worse. “When President Biden was elected in January, millions of Americans were without jobs with no health care on the market. In the past 15 months the economy has generated 8.3M jobs, and unemployment is at 3.6 percent — the largest drop in unemployment of any President's term.”

This type of false information goes beyond telling American people the wrong things and is an act of pride. Blatantly giving credit to things you did not do or are not happening on Biden's behalf is something his office is showing to be extremely creative with. An idea that they will build his legacy using dirt and garbage isn't something you'd want to see a President or their staff members believing. But this is the case.

CNN's fact checker Glenn Kessler issued a direct response. “‘There was no vaccine to choose from is a lie. Over 3 million Americans had been fully vaccinated. Over 18 million had a minimum of one or more doses before Biden's day of Inauguration. Biden himself was completely vaccinated. It became widely accessible over time, but it's not a question, and it's not a problem to tweet that the vaccine was not available to a large portion of the general public or something similar. “There was no vaccine on the market at the time of the inauguration, which is way too extreme considering that there were 19 million people who had shots, falsely implying that the whole process began with Biden.”

Many other media professionals and various government agencies, and even activists have called his office on the blatant lies. This is not the way the president or his staff should communicate with the American citizens. Particularly since he's trying to eliminate the first amendment in the Disinformation Governance Board. However, it is unclear if anyone has been given enough respect for their demands for this Tweet to be checked for accuracy.

This is normal with Biden. We are expected to accept everything they say as fact because they are experts in all things. However, whatever Trump or conservatives generally needed to say required three fact-checkers and two independent reviewers and a complete Yale review before anyone could consider it a fact. Even if they did, they'd continue to debate the content of his remarks and whether it was inaccurate or offensive.

Double standards such as this are only a tiny aspect of how leftists are trying to destroy our nation. It's not that slow at this point and it's not just a matter of time. These brutal attacks aren't the kind of thing America is about. Instead, it's contrary to what America is. People are here with hopes and an American dream, only being sold a lot of lies about coming to America, and this isn't how it was in the past.

Vice President Biden is the one who is killing his own American dream. A tweet, a speech, or staircase at a time.

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