Women’s Swimming Coaches Association Proudly Recommends a New League for Transgenders

According to many, the introduction of males into female sports hasn't worked out well.

A few people seemed to at first challenge the allowance; however, this appears to be changing.

Now, we have something official from an association of coaches.

If you're not familiar with the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) according to their website, this group based in Texas is a representative of “the needs of swimming coaches around the world together with other international and national organizations or bodies, such as the International Swimming Federation (FINA).”

Some of the WSCA's declared areas of interest:

Recognizing the outstanding achievements of Coaches, Swimmers, and Scientists in their sport.

Recommending the coordination and uniformization of rules and Regulations to the governing bodies in the sport of Swimming, including FINA and Continental Swimming Organizations.

Ensuring compliance with WSCA rules and by-laws in the event of changes from time to the time.

Encouragement and promotion of swimming competitions all over the world, without the use of doping, drugs, or any other means to enhance performance.

For that final one, you're surely familiar with the biological male Lia Thomas, who – in the words of Swimming World — “soared from a mid-500s ranking (554th in the 200 freestyle; all divisions) in men's competition to one of the top-ranked swimmers in women's competition.”

A lot of attention has been paid to this champion, leading to a statement issued by WSCA. The coaches have a brand-new suggestion to protect the authenticity of women's swimming which was once governed by gender but is now governed by gender identities.

According to the online letter, a lot of thinking has been conducted:

Dear Members,

You'll be aware that the WSCA Board have spent a substantial amount of time from the start of 2022 drafting and revising the Position Statement to assist FINA in the development of the organization's individual Transgender Policy.

WSCA has reduced it down to two possible ways of replacing the binary divide of old.

Option 1.

Female Division

Open Division

Option 2.

Female Division

Male Division

Open Division

Option 2 came out on top:

The Board's obvious preferred method of achieving this… When we sought input from our members We received overwhelming support…and with some minor edits that were made in response to this consultation with our members the document will be presented before FINA to consider and approve.

In its position statement regarding Transgender Swimming, WSCA lists five important Pillars:

WSCA is dedicated to ensuring the participation of all swimmers competing in competitive swimming.

The categorization of birth sex continues an extremely effective and efficient division in relation to athletic performance.

The evidence suggests that it is appropriate for transgender individuals to participate within the swimming sport in the Male category or racing in the Male category, but also in an open category.

The concept of fairness in competition is not compatible with self-identification as a female group in a gender-specific sport like swimming. The variance in stamina, strength, and physique among males are significant. Transgender females are generally speaking, more likely to maintain the physical benefits mentioned above, even when testosterone suppression is used

The categorizing of sexuality is legal therefore the requirement for details regarding birth sex is in line with. There is no obligation for anyone to disclose any details to an organization for sports.

But, there is an enormous “however”:

In the event that a person fails to disclose this information could be a reason for the person to not be qualified to compete in the field that they prefer.


The swimming sport should…provide choices for those who do not want to inform of their gender or sex.

“For the sport of swimming,” the organization states, “the inclusion of transgender individuals on the basis of fairness can't coexist within the current model of competition. Swimming must decide to provide events where the female gender is not a problem because of fairness to compete.”

Could FINA, who describes itself as “a pillar of the Olympic Movement,” be interested?

The world of culture has reached an uneasy spot. Politics have influenced everything from education to entertainment to science to sports.

It appears to me that almost every institutional decision is no longer free of the influence of politics.

The World Swimming Coaches Association has taken a risky step. Do you think FINA will follow suit?

Sure, 6’’ 4’ Lia Thomas hopes not.

Women's swimming was once focused around…women's swimming. At present, in the midst of the debate, it's on the edge of a lake of transgenderism.

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