Brian Kemp Handily Wins Against David Perdue, Despite Trump’s Vendetta

There wasn’t as much controversy in Georgia’s primaries as votes began to come in, contrasting with Pennsylvania (for which we still do not know the final outcome of the GOP Senate race, with Mehmet Oz likely to win). And we've witnessed the most important races in the Peach State.

As was expected, former President Donald Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker will run on the GOP ticket to challenge Democrat Senate incumbent Raphael Warnock in November. However, in the gubernatorial race, Trump-endorsed David Perdue was absolutely waxed by incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, who looks as if he surpassed the polls by about 10 points.

The enormity of Kemp's win is too great to be dismissed as irrelevant. Evidently, the majority of Republicans in Georgia were not convinced by the notion that Governor Kemp “betrayed” Trump by not overturning the results of the 2020 election. It's also possible that the majority of voters were looking to move on and win the November election, regardless of their opinions on the topic, not wanting to continue to debate the past for nothing. There will be those who disagree with this opinion, but the figures aren't skewed.

In the final analysis, Kemp is the stronger candidate over Stacey Abrams, and the Democratic gubernatorial candidate is likely angry because Kemp won over Perdue, as the latter is rapidly announcing his resignation and supporting the governor currently in office. Abrams recognizes she's at a disadvantage and has been unable to get much traction from the only talking point she has pushed. The reason is that she keeps bringing up the subject of Trump repeatedly. This attack won't work against Kemp for obvious reasons.

What does Perdue’s crashing and burning have to say regarding Trump's endorsement power in the major races? People may be reading too much into the situation. Trump has influence with GOP voters, which has been proven by other candidates. Georgia was unique because Kemp was always popular, and Perdue was perceived as an untrustworthy person standing on his own merit.

Whatever the case, it's time to join forces and block the Democrats from any significant victories in Georgia. It doesn't matter if it's a Trump-endorsed candidate in this case; any Republican candidate for president who hopes to take Georgia in the 2024 federal election will have a much better chance with Abrams not in the governor's seat.

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