Texas Governor Greg Abbott Avoids Biden’s Manipulative Tactics and Cuts Through the Politics to Touch the Mourning Soul of a Nation

Texas should be grateful for having Greg Abbott at the helm. Indeed, it's moments like these that distinguish the leaders from those who aren't qualified to lead. A lot of people heard President Joe Biden’s speech addressing the shocking massacre of innocent kids in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday. After the initial announcement that morning concerning an active shooter, the news came out slowly, and none of it was positive. Beyond the known facts about who was who, what was what, and when was when, few details emerged that one could weigh in on. The traditional media pundits were able to carry out their usual knee-jerk agenda of gun control. However, one would expect more from the president of the United States in addressing a national disaster.

What Biden did was to emphasize his inadequacy as a leader of any type of organization, especially a nation with 331 million citizens. Biden didn't provide comfort, peace, or calm to the citizens of the United States. Instead, he caused more confusion and muddied the tragedy by advancing his political agenda. It was clear that the Uvalde tragedy was still playing out, and parents and relatives were still waiting to know whether their child was hurt. Instead of being restrained and maintaining good manners, Biden decided to enrage the populace and push the nation to division. The focus was on Biden and his political agenda, with no regard for the children who lost their lives tragically or the families or communities who were grieving.

The tone of Biden's voice changed during his speech, revealing two distinct realities. When Biden did mention family members and children, he spoke in a mumble in a jolly manner, diddled, and behaved like a sad sack with bowed shoulders and a forced expression of tears. However, Biden still managed to aggravate the wounds of the Uvalde community.

The loss of a child is like having a part of your soul cut off. There's a hollowness inside your chest, and you feel as if you're being sucked into it and you'll never be able to get out. It's suffocating. It's never the same.

“Newsflash Joe”: This is not all about you! Biden is a parent who has tragically lost two children. You might think that he would be more skilled at bringing peace and comfort during such an event and also pointing people to harmony and healing. However, with the flick of the switch, Biden's voice changed to Grandpa's Stompy Foot. The worm flipped with acidity and bile. “As a nation, we have to ask: When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? When in God’s name will we do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?”

Whut?! How can you misuse God's name to advance your goals?

With greater clarity than he could give to those Uvalde kids and their families, Biden ran through the leftist list of gun deaths and made sure to end with the Buffalo supermarket incident. In the middle of his free-association tirade, Biden managed to insert an uninspiring analogy, which did not belong in a speech designed to provide the audience comfort and clarity. “What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone? Deer aren’t running through the forest with Kevlar vests on, for God’s sake. It’s just sick.”


As per a formula that is well known by those who claim to be “deeply Catholic,” Biden returned to his low and sluggish voice and pulled out a passage of Scripture that was appropriate to the circumstances. Of course, his speech writers could not be bothered to mention the chapter and verse (Psalm 34:18) because of how crucial it was. It's as if saying “scripture” conjures some magical alchemical talisman. Biden barely blurted out a few words about comfort and prayer before returning to his agenda for the day. “Scripture says—Jill and I have talked about this in different contexts, in other contexts: ‘The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.’  So many crushed spirits. So, tonight, I ask the nation to pray for them, to give the parents and siblings the strength in the darkness they feel right now.”

Some wanted to vomit. What a weak, sick man to attempt to use this moment of tragedy to advance his agenda of gun control.

It took a huge, compassionate, and caring man to bring focus to the present tragedy with truth, peace, and clarity in a way that the mourners, the enraged, and the simply confused could digest. Governor Greg Abbott (R) was that man, and his public appearance was both a cleansing of the palate and an ideal way to soothe the soul. One of the first things Abbott did was to point out that it was a tragic act and highlight something that the Left tends to ignore: the essence of good and evil in these kinds of actions. “To start with, I'll point out the obvious: Evil was sweeping through Uvalde yesterday. Anyone who shoots their mother in the face seems to be possessed of evil within his soul. However, it's far worse to shoot down children.”

This is more than mental illness, as many people with mental illness do not deliberately kill innocent people. Abbott continued to discuss what good looks like and how it was shattered by someone who was evil. Criminals will use whatever tools they believe are essential to cause destruction and harm. The weapon used by the shooter turned out to be a gun. It's unacceptable to have in our midst any person who would murder children in schools. Children are an amazing blessing. God has taught us that. They are full of laughter, innocence, and happiness. Love is a gift that parents can open each day. Parents in Uvalde were deprived of that gift from their children. It was stolen by a mentally ill person.

Abbott addressed the pain and loss felt by the community: “To say the least, Uvalde has been shaken to the heart. Families are fractured. Hearts are forever broken. [All] Texans are mourning with the residents of Uvalde, and many are rightfully furious about the circumstances. Such events can tear apart the foundation of the community. Our responsibility is to make sure that the community isn't going to be torn apart.”

Abbott called for unanimity and focused on the issues that were needed at this moment. Whatever solution is needed to address the issue, it is not the time to go to court hours or even days following the tragedy. It is important to allow people to grieve and process. Anything else is an attack. He said that all Texans needed to unite to assist the families that are devastated by this tragic tragedy. “What they require more than ever is our support. They need uplifting from our fellow Texans as well as all of us, neighbors, Americans.”

What many liked most about Abbott's response was that he supported his position with the facts of the situation and praised the courage and role of law-enforcement officers in minimizing the harm. Even media outlets such as Fox News reported wrong information regarding the events in Uvalde, particularly regarding the person who was responsible for the shootings. Abbott advised against the incorrect details, then made it a priority to provide in-depth, correct information as well as where the investigation was at the moment. Many statements have been made. Some are accurate, and some aren't. This is an ongoing inquiry, and investigations usually reveal new details as they progress.

Texans particularly, but all Americans generally, value details about the current situation instead of making assumptions about what could have been done differently. This is a lot of what's happening in the media and gun-control lobby today. In reality, as horrendous as the incident was, the situation could've been even worse. The reason it's not any worse is that law-enforcement officers took the actions they needed to take. They showed incredible courage in moving towards gunfire with the sole purpose of trying to protect lives. It is also a fact that due to their swift response in arriving at the scene, responding to the gunman, and eliminating the gunman, they were successful in saving lives.

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough. Prayer is effective because it forces the one praying to focus on the future and not what is. Greg Abbott understood that he needed to focus the Uvalde community and the entire nation of Americans on prayer while giving them clarity regarding the current situation. However, he also offered peace and comfort when they confronted issues that would not be completely clear for a long period of time. This is in stark contrast to the demeaning, mocking, and self-serving agenda that was a staple of Biden's remarks.

The heat of a tragedy either creates or breaks leaders. We know which one has been created and which one has been broken.

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