Joe Biden – America’s First Admiral of Six Stars

America is just 16 months into Biden's disaster as president, but it gets worse. It's like Biden has been in office for over 100 years mucking around with America. The bad news is that Biden has another 31 months longer in office.

If you're unaware, Joey Hair Plugs told Annapolis graduates that he had been “appointed to the Academy in 1965 by a senator who I was running against in 1972.”

Yeah…No He wasn't. Joe was able to deliver additional layers of the famous Biden stories to a captivated audience. Midshipmen were required to hear his tales regarding his soccer “career” because Joe is the Commander-in-Chief. Joe felt the need to speak in his spooky whisper voice to inform the students that he was the one in the helm – as if he were talking into a teenage girl's ears.

Joe Biden is a shameless person. 20 years ago, while his brain was still functioning, the man still lied. Since he's now a human carrot, it's difficult to discern if he's lying or simply reliving his dreams that included playing alongside Colin Kaepernick or catching touchdown passes from Roger Staubach on an aircraft carrier. Joe is America's six-star Admiral from the Army and his wife is the best medical professional in America.

Hello, Jim, why are you laughing at Jill? You should leave her to her own devices!

Nope. She's the one to be blamed. If anyone was aware that Joe was just inanimate brain matter, it was Jill. Jill was determined to become the First Lady. Jill and Joe were granted their dream and America has to pay the cost. Thanks, Jill.

The public's approval of him is among the lowest for any president in the current phase of a presidency, since polls were first invented, with a low of about 39 percent. I'm dumbfounded. I'd like to know who are the people that make up those 39 percent?

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