Republicans Introduce a “What is a Woman” Bill

Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko has a plan for women, but not the kind that anyone is able to define.

The Republican has endorsed the “Women's Bill of Rights” to give women legal protection against the gender-based ideology.

“[T]here are important reasons,” H.Res.1136 declares, “to distinguish between the sexes with respect to athletes, prisons, domestic violence shelters, restrooms, and other areas, particularly where biology, safety, and privacy are implicated.”

The program goes  on to claim it is aware of the definition of a woman. It turns out that this kind of woman is distinct from a man:

Females and males have distinct and unchangeable biological differences that show up before birth and grow when they get older and begin to experience puberty.

For example:

On average, males are larger in size and have more body strength than females.

Only females can become pregnant, have a baby, and feed infants

Physically, women may be the weaker or less aggressive sexual partner:

Genetic differences between males and females could put females at risk of more harm than males due to specific types of violence, such as sexual violence.

The bill states that “[R]ecent misguided court rulings related to the definition of ‘sex' have led to endangerment of spaces and resources dedicated to women, thereby necessitating clarification of certain terms.”

Thus, for the purposes under Federal law…

One's “sex” means his or the biological sexual orientation (either gender-neutral or other) at birth.

The words “woman” and “girl” refer to females in the human race while “man” and “boy” refer to males in the human population.

The term “mother” means a parent of female sex and “father” is defined as a male parent.

It would certainly be helpful to once again have definitions. In spite of a UC Santa Cruz PhD candidate's recent efforts to bring about an order to all, the process of the idea of defining words using the words itself doesn't seem to do much:

With blurred lines, the sexes are getting closer. The bill seeks to repeal America's growing co-ed state.

There are many factors to make distinctions between genders when it comes to sports, prisons, shelters for domestic violence, restrooms, and various other places, specifically when safety, biology, and privacy are concerned…

The resolution continues to insist that data collection should be based on the biological characteristics of each person. Additionally, the law or policy says  “distinguish between the sexes are subject to intermediate constitutional scrutiny.”

The bill was introduced on May 19th, by the Republican Study Committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Banks (IN), of which Rep. Debbie is a member.

In a meeting in front of the Capitol, Jim jabbed wokeness:

“The modern Democrat party has put the Left's woke agenda before the rights of women. These days, Democrats refuse to even admit women exist or recognize them as unique beings, with unique abilities. While radical liberals strip away the progress and protections that generations of women fought to achieve, Republicans must fight back and acknowledge these basic biological truths. As the father of three daughters, I'm proud to co-lead this resolution reaffirming the legal protections afforded to them under federal law.”

Debbie decried erasure:

“I am honored to present the Women's Bill of Rights to recognize the importance of honoring women's unique and distinctive qualities and contributions to our country. While we see that the Left continues to eliminate women as a whole, we must defend women and their rightful place within our society. It doesn't matter if it's keeping the term “mother” in written law or ensuring women's domestic violence shelters do not have to accept biological men, we must stand up for women.”

It's true that women's “distinguishing characteristics” have dimmed:

“Calvin Klein Salutes Mothers, including a Man who Doesn't Look Like a Woman”

“Hospitals are Beginning to Ask men if they're Pregnant”

“Breastfeeding Academy Disappoints on “Breasts””

“To be Inclusive of Non-Ninary Parents, Hospitals Remove the terms ‘Breast Milk and ‘Father'”

“Students of the University Schools Midwifery Program on the Handling of the Birthing Penis”

Return to H.Res.1136 The legislation that is being introduced by Sens. Cindy Hyde Smith (MS), Cynthia Lummis (WY) and Ted Cruz (TX).

The bill is an important move, and is evidence that people do know what a woman's job is.

However, will the majority of people know about it so that it can be approved?

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