$3million for the Person who can Solve Veterans Suicide Crisis


The value of life is not measured by dollars and cents, but saving lives typically comes with a significant cost. After a long time period and many hundreds of people dying, the Veterans Administration has admitted how they have no power to stop the high amount of  suicides by military veterans that are committed on a daily basis every month of year. The V.A. requires your help and is willing to pay a lot of money to get it.

The officials of the Veterans Administration have announced that they'll pay three million dollars to anybody from any location who can assist them to in resolving the issue of suicide among veterans that they've so far not been able to solve.

In the form of a hefty variety of programs funded by the government, the VA has announced that the long-running suicide rate of 22 veterans each day has been cut to 17; however it is far from being a story of success. Non-profit veterans ‘ associations that are dedicated to this cause, predominantly run by veterans and veterans, are not happy with the decrease in number. They experience it every day.

The total cost of Veterans Administration's new program to prevent suicide known as Mission Daybreak is a cool $20 million. The idea is to come up with innovative ideas by urging people to take part. In the course of six weeks, the V.A. will review thousands of concepts, and the top 40 submissions will be awarded cash prizes.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough said, “To stop the suicide of veterans We must employ every tool we have available. Mission Daybreak has been a catalyst for solutions across a variety of areas of focus to fight this preventable issue.”

In the coming months, the VA is planning to give an additional $52 million for local governments to fund programmes to help prevent suicide. The objective is to find those in crisis ahead of planning their funerals and, for veterans, specifically combat veterans specific education and equipment are needed.

The director of the national office for VA suicide prevention Dr. Matt Miller, said that the new strategy is similar similar to earlier programs, except that it is much more focused on initial results, rather than long-term goals.

“A key to innovation is rapid implementation and development,” he added. “So what we're really trying to foster and harness is those ideas that can be rapidly developed, be scalable across our system, and make a big difference quickly.”

Ideas can't be written on a napkin used for bar use. Teams or individuals have to submit their solutions by way of a 10 page conceptual paper. The concept paper should include an implementation plan and evidence of the framework submitted, as well as the impact that the proposed plan will be able to have on every category within the community of veterans.

The top 30 ideas that are accepted will be rewarded by being invited to assist the VA develop their ideas into practical solutions. The two winners who are the top each will receive $3 million. The remaining top 30 winners will each receive $250,000 while the final 10 winners will each receive $100,000.

This program has been much overdue, and every move the VA adopts to help veterans with suicide prevention is an improvement toward the proper direction. So get busy America. Whatever the prize is, it's time to pay back a debt that has no value in terms of money.

Crisis line for veterans 1-800-273-8255. Press 1.

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