Baptist University Now has First LGBT Student Organization

Every now and again, news stories serve as a key indicator of cultural shift. Keep this one in mind.

In Texas, Baylor University — an iconic institution in American Christian education — has launched their first LGBT student group.

On the 20th of April, Baylor Lariat delivered the news:

Baylor has officially chartered Prism as an LGBTQ+ and allies student organization, on Tuesday , after having begun the process in the fall of 2021.

Heber Springs Ark., senior and Prism president, Lor Duncan shared that in the fall of last year, Student Activities had several meetings with different people in the Baylor community. Four students were selected to assist in the creation of a constitution that would begin the process of creating the charter.

There are rumors of hidden secrets:

Duncan explained that the group drafted its constitution, as well as a membership policy in order to safeguard students who haven't stepped out to the public yet. Duncan stated that there were a number of people who were involved in founding the organization, which included faculty and students.

The statement of mission of the organization is as stated at the Baylor Connect page:

The purpose of Prism is to serve Baylor University and its students by providing a welcoming environment that welcomes all identity and sexual orientations (community) that is focused on ongoing development for our Baylor community, bringing an opportunity for LGBTQ student to administration (care) and establishing opportunities for students of all ages to gain access to resources through connections as well as belonging and education.

More from Lor from Waco's KWTX:

“We are providing not only a space for LGBTQ+ students to have a community and have respectful discussions about sexuality, gender identity, and how those things can intersect with faith and spirituality, but we also want to provide resources; educational, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.”

This isn't what you would've imagined from the typical Christian school. However, Christian institutions and Christianity are changing. Not just in ways that are related to transgenderism and homosexuality:

“Christians University's Residence Hall Gets ‘We're Here! We're Queer!' LGBT Mural”

“Christian Divinity School Recites Prayer to the ‘Great Queer One' who is a Drag Queen as well as Trans Man'”

“Christian Church to Host Drag Show for Teenagers 12-18”

“Christian Church Leads Prayer to the God of Pronouns, the ‘Great Them who Breastfeeds’”

“Christian University Directs Students to Islamic Center, Offers the Quran to Students who Pray”

“Catholic University Speaker Calls for Christians to “Crucify Their Whiteness'”

“Christian Speaker is canceled By Christian College for Teaching Christian Students Christian Ideas”

Returning to Baylor, it's not just that it Christian it is also Baptist.

LGBT promotion has recently been featured in a different unlikely location — Alabama. 

If the Rainbow flourishes inside the Baptist church and Bible Belt, the transformation of America is completed.

It is believed that the Christian religion was renowned for its rigidity especially in relation to sexuality. Also, the belief in the existence of a creator was based on the idea of “male and female He created them.”

However, these times, females and males just don't seem to be enough.

In some instances it's too much.

While the church previously was a source of culture, it seems that it is feeding culture to the church. Perhaps, it's feeding the gender cake.

This is the pattern of the world as it is for the 177-year-old Baylor.

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