Biden Rejects Cuba from Summit of Americas

About the time of midday Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, when most Americans were getting ready for Memorial Day weekend, the Los Angeles Times published a section on foreign affairs in its section on politics. It is quite a major story.

However, the newspaper did their readers and casual viewers on social media a huge harm, and that's why the headline was snoozetastic -“Mexican president is unlikely not to be invited Summit of the Americas in L.A. next month”

This doesn't really reveal much about anything.

Here's the way in which this LA Times story starts (again be as alert as you can):


Despite a massive U.S. lobbying effort, the president of Mexico expressed his displeasure this week that he might not attend a high-stakes region summit in the coming month in Los Angeles because the Biden administration has refused to invite three left-wing governments.

Mexico is, in fact, the biggest Latin American participant in the coming Summit of the Americas, which officials from the administration have indicated will be focusing on immigration. It will start on June 6.

So, what's the problem? Readers, it's difficult for me to make this claim; however, this Biden administration has come up with a good idea on the international front. It's not easy to believe, given that RedState has published here and here, and countless other times in the last couple of years. However, bear with me.

The president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is having a fit of rage because his leftist friends were not invited to June's forthcoming celebration, which happens every four years, and it's being hosted in the U.S. for the first time in almost 10 years. He's enjoying a great time in the stompy-foot era due to the fact that — wait for it — Biden will not let Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Cuba's new (ahem) “president” Miguel Diaz-Canel attend the event. The LA Times writes:

Administration officials have stated that they will not be inviting Venezuela or Nicaragua as hosts, since their dictatorial governments are not a model of democratic government that Washington as well as other countries in the region are trying to spread.

U.S. officials also said at first they wouldn't invite Cuba but then suggested that they could accept a “low level” delegation from Havana. The lower status of the delegation didn't appeal to Cuban officials, however, and the president Miguel Diaz-Canel announced last week that he would not be attending.

Here's the best part. Mexico will be participating at the summit. El Presidente is sending a low-level person. “Instead, he would send a delegate, most likely his more-U.S.-friendly foreign secretary, Marcelo Ebrard,” according to the LA Times. Well, huh.

In an article, which was published on Friday within The Miami Herald, “CNN en Espanol” host Andres Oppenheimer sagely dismisses any criticisms of the US move, not just from Mexico but also other nations in our hemisphere (though all of them (to their credit) attempted to sway the world as Mexico).

He writes in the following section:

As absurd as it sounds, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile are requesting the Biden administration for permission to welcome the Cuban regime to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, despite credible reports that the regime has committed the most serious human rights violations over the past 20 years.

However, despite the increasing level of government repressions across the Caribbean island, Mexico's president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been warning for weeks of boycotting at the Summit of the Americas unless the Biden administration allows Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Lopez Obrador, who recently went to Cuba and claimed the Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel “is a very decent man, with principles.”

Argentina, Chile, and more than twelve Caribbean countries have also requested the Biden administration let Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua be included, however unlike Mexico they have not stated that they would not attend the summit.

Oppenheimer adds that the rules of the group require that such governments are not allowed to attend summits.

A rule that was ratified in the year 2001 Summit of the Americas in Quebec, Canada, states that any unconstitutional violation of democratic rules within the region is considered an “insurmountable obstacle” to the participation of a country's government at participating in the Summit of the Americas.

(I recommend that you read the full article by the author to keep up with all the most recent shocking human rights violations the regime has committed against its citizens.)

Perhaps it is that the Biden administration and Congress Democrat leaders are getting the idea that they are required to reconsider accepting leftist authoritarians in order to be able to take an election to the White House again. Perhaps it's just stupid luck. It's hard to figure out the reasons behind what they do.

Credit when credit is due. A constitutionally free republic such as ours should stand up to and eliminate dictatorial governments -especially if they're located in our own hemisphere.

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