Dixie State University Bites the Dust

If you claim that the old ways are being flushed out, you're probably singing Dixie.

Case in point: Dixie State University is getting renamed.

According to Salt Lake City's KSL-TV, the ball started rolling after George Floyd.

In the year 2020, DSU started hearing from students who believed that a name that contained”Dixie,” was problematic. DSU President Richard Williams described students calling him , and saying that in post-graduation interviews, they would require students to explain what they meant by “Dixie,” and ask questions regarding what type of school it was.

Did interviewers think the four-year Western College could be in the process of training Confederate soldiers? In any case, even though the changes swept through in 2020, there were powerful winds that blew long before.

President Richard recalls:

“This is not a new conversation… We used to be the Dixie Rebels, so we changed our mascot. We used to have the Confederate flag, (so) we changed that. You could look back 30, 40, 50 years, and we've continued to have different conversations regarding taking some of the symbolism of the Confederate war out of our name. … A young kid that's coming out (of college) that's interviewing for a job does not want to have to spend most of their interview explaining the name.”

In all likelihood, when people imagine “Dixie,” Utah isn't the first thing that is immediately in their thoughts. But, according to Channel 5, problems prompted the need for a probe.

As increasing numbers of students began to voice their opinions against the name, the university realized that there was an issue to deal with and decided to join forces together with Cicero Group to do an extensive study to determine how the name affected students and the entire university overall.

The findings of the study were that “Dixie” was impacting all aspects of the university including faculty, students, and staff recruitment to marketing in which some outfitters would not use the DSU brand because of the stigma that is associated with “Dixie.”

Therefore Utah's state legislature with both chambers that are dominated by a Republican majority changed the name of the public school. At the stroke of a pen, Governor. Spencer Cox dumped “Dixie State” and inaugurated the new era.

On July 1, the date will be officially announced and the Beehive State will be abuzz over the possibility of “Utah Tech University.”

In the last few months, it's become an uproar in the world of the use of words. The year 2020 was the one in which “Dixie” got ditched by a group of Chicks:

“Artists formerly known as The Dixie Chicks Have Ended Racism in America Forever”

 Lady “Antebellum” was similarly sacked:

“Lady Antebellum Changes Name and Apologizes for Making anyone Feel Unsafe”

America is currently undergoing an overhaul of its brand name:

“James Madison College Considers a New Name”

“To Combat Racial Injustice The US Army Will Rename Nine Historic Bases”

“The University Changes the Name of Its Women's Clinic because “Women” was medically inaccurate”

We're So Pathetic: 

“A Schools in Virginia Is Considering removing the Wasp as its Mascot Because of the White People Acronym”

When it comes to sensitivity, we're wasting no time:

“College Announces the Fierce New Mascot: A Sexless Social Justice Warrior who is a Victim of Climate Change”

Concerning the downfall of Dixie State University, not everyone was pleased with the way it took place:

The debate over the decision to change the name of the institution did not recognize the numerous efforts made by the community over the years to help the university since its humble origins in St. George Stake Academy becoming a four-year comprehensive public university.

The bill also included a $50,00 budget to build the “heritage center” on campus to preserve and honor the rich history of the region.

That's all there is and Dixie's gone -that was the main purpose of the campaign.

Oh, wait…

The legislation passed by lawmakers during this special session was later amended to require the trustees of the university to identify that campus's main campus the Dixie Campus for no less than 20 years. The trustees' will decide if they want to keep using the name.

Most likely, the next generation of students will write about the topic. Keep an eye out…

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